Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers GAME 6 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 5.24.2012

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25 Responses to “Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers GAME 6 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 5.24.2012”

  1. MadmanGoneMad2012

    well you would have been seeing celtics and OKC go at it on that finals while lebron, bosh and wade were watching in their home or on the seats xD

  2. c2darizzle

    *spoiler alert* FUCK YOU thunder!!!!!!!! YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK!!!! YOU COULD NEVER BEAT US CAUSE YOUR JUST GODS FARTS!!!!!!!!! Let’s go Heat 🙂

  3. cookingkid789

    they have chalmers, battier, and miller that put up at least 30 points a night together

  4. cookingkid789


  5. Thefuckingman25

    wow, i cant believe how much they favored lebron in this game. His highlights weren’t even that good except for that pass to chalmbers. Wade had a much better game with a bunch of highlights that werent even mentioned in this recap of the game. Just goes to show that the media has a strong bias towards some players in order for you to get to like them.

  6. MrKing8050

    yea cause the thunder have nothing but scrubs on their team right?

  7. bluetoad668

    Pacers are not stupid.

  8. bluetoad668

    Spoelstra does not suck.

  9. bluetoad668

    And heat do not suck.

  10. bluetoad668

    heat are awesome who do you like nets??????????

  11. bluetoad668

    let me guess you like thunder.

  12. bluetoad668

    Heat are awesome.

  13. bluetoad668

    Heat are awes

  14. bluetoad668

    Miami is awesome.

  15. biggerseandon

    Where are the “he’s a flopper” chant hightlights lmao. i’m pretty sure dwayne wade payed someone to get that shit taken off the internet lol.

  16. biggerseandon

    Miami heat theme song should be “he’s a flopper” lmao

  17. BornUptown47

    LMAO I wonder where would the HEAT be without LeBron and Bosh

  18. blackadam06

    Wanna re-think that comment kiddo?

  19. MrRobertobagg10


  20. SuperNoypii

    Look at all the haters lmao suck on it bitchh

  21. apr17sab1d0

    After all the comments below, hey, who’s the 2012 NBA Champion again?? 😀 Let me spell that out for you, M-I-A-M-I-H-E-A-T. :))

  22. jay howard

    Tobagtotheface Miami is not going to win it allcuz they suck fuckin faggot

  23. annarki

    david west dont help on defense thats why pacers lost this series.

  24. TbagToTheFace


  25. MisterZeroTroll

    You mad bro!? Hahah! I’m OKC fan, you dumbfuck! I just want to see you cry for being “Nostradamus” in Heat vs Celtics game 6. wakekekeeke! Brick!? Nigga, you didn’t watch the game! Wakokoko! Lebron shot jumpers all day long.

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