Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics GAME 4 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 6.03.2012

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25 Responses to “Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics GAME 4 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 6.03.2012”

  1. Olivia Pierce

    oh wow who cares

  2. Yomna Ali

    we are still better

  3. MsLexcha

    heat gona repeat again. MARK MY WORDS

  4. MsLexcha

    You were saying.. hhahaha Miami world champs dumbshit!

  5. drinfox4

    Dont worry the heat may have beat the celtics in game 7 but they are coming back for revenage. i think its either going to be okc and heat rematch or lakers and celtics 😉 for maybe lakers and heat or even okc and celtics 🙂 this new season is going to be very cool:)

  6. MsLexcha


  7. saints1ish

    Wrong LOL


    Dwade thought he hit that shit lol

  9. eyeofthetiger444

    yeah game 3,4 and 5. im a celtics fan and i was pretty satisfied with the series. people predicted us to lose to the hawks, the 76ers and the heat. and then the celtics were 1 game away from going to to the finals even without having a full roster. they pretty much all showed up to the games on crutches haha

  10. JCrossover7

    Too bad the Heat beat the Celtics and OKC lost to them 4-1….

  11. frank barn

    lol top comments wrong

  12. gierbolini90210

    Since the Miami heat franchise was created… Celtics 1 championship, Heat 2 championships =)

  13. funnybiz94

    Boston win????

  14. aLaT333


  15. jimmy6700

    sooooo….Guess you were WRONG ?
    Hahahahahaaaaa!! LeChamp Bitch !! 😀

  16. chinesestarfish40

    most of those were back when there were 8 teams…

  17. Liu Kevin

    rondo garnett pierce allen and bass GOD BLESS YOU GUYS

  18. MrSupergandhi

    CHRIS BOSH IS CLUTCH. Look at game 7 vs boston this year. Dude loves pressure. I wish the heat gave bosh more shots coz sometimes wade is just inefficient and takes bad jumpers. Bosh is a better shooter and deserves more shots than hes gettin.

  19. tyrelxd

    lebron is getting his ring, lebron is the team destroyer celtics are done and so is OKC!!!!

  20. Sgreenenov13

    but who won though you bitch ass hater the celtics are out!

  21. karloguadalupe

    hey you watching the game? I bet youre not. Close your eyes. The pain will go away easily. Tell me bandwagon, how do you produce 12 pts in 30 seconds? Answer that then I’ll talk to you 🙂

  22. karloguadalupe

    haha your celtics lost, I guess we’ll never get the chance to see OKC zero them out off the planet bleeeeh. FYI I’m not a Heat bandwagon fan! You are just a silly lil troll 😉 I am an NY fan which the Heat took out already. I’ll be with NY Knicks next year but for now I am just enjoying the Heat beating the Celtics arses! I bet you look like this now :'(

  23. celtics7175

    I no that Miami might lose

  24. alejandroceltics

    the Celtics might lose but Miami will never win the finals with OKC up there

  25. alejandroceltics

    Paul Pierce is the best at the fake and drawing the foul he is a fucking boss

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