Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics GAME 3 FULL HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 6.01.2012

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25 Responses to “Miami Heat vs. Boston Celtics GAME 3 FULL HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 6.01.2012”

  1. thekingbradable

    Sad to see my Celtics lose….good series though fun to watch and to see us fight with limited players and bench

  2. krapppa

    They shouldve won game 2, and they won the next 3. so if you think about it they shoulda won this series in 5. but Stern needs the Heat in the Finals for ratings. Smh

  3. SearchingCurious

    Who ever said I’m from Charlotte? I’m from New York dumb ass but no I don’t limit myself to just liking the Knicks. Good job making yourself look like a fool.

  4. mrkingjay659

    u only take sides of another team when your home team didnt make it which in ur case its the bobcats. lol but good job trying to explain urself ahahahhahah douche bag

  5. SearchingCurious

    Whether or not I’m a Heats fan, I’m still not losing or winning anything by them winning so why would I be mad? It’s all in the moment of the playoffs that you take sides with one team and oppose another. Now that the season is over I don’t care that they won. I say you don’t have a life because you actually act like your winning something by getting on YouTube and trying to rub it on other people’s faces. lol Mad me? No.

  6. mrkingjay659

    u mad bro!? ahahhaha

  7. stanghal

    Agreed, Scotty Pippen was on the DREAM TEAM and Rodman was once considered the best rebounder in the NBA. Lebron had no back up at all in Cleveland and his 2nd year with Miami he won the Finals. Besides,nobody is saying Lebron is better than Jordan..well Scotty Pippen said it once but then David Stern and the Mayor of Chicago made him take it back. I did hear Magic, Barkley, Shaq, Steven Smith etc, state that Lebron is the best active player on the planet. 6 LJ haters left, nobody cares. Peace

  8. SearchingCurious

    I wrote that 3 weeks ago. It’s been almost a month. Get a life.

  9. mrkingjay659

    lol guess what we won the celtics and the finals eat itt

  10. eyeofthetiger444

    XD. i would definitely recommend jordan rules. its a kinda long book but its great. talks about how, as i commented before, jordan had a great cast (which he acknowledges respectively) and how the bulls would do certain things with certain individuals to set the tone for the entire game. his whole game was based around whatever his teammates did and thats not my opinion its michaels

  11. stanghal

    No, sounds interesting. I read a different article about how insiders knew that Jordan was the poster boy for the NBA and Stern didn’t want the scandle so they “Forced” Jordan to leave. I hope our boy Angel doesn’t come back to this sight and see our comments, otherwise will have to hear more of his LeChoke / You’re gay rants. By the way did you see that Jordan had a Hitler mustash in his last Hanes commercial? Maybe he’s a Nazi too! Just kidding Angel. LOL

  12. eyeofthetiger444

    did you read that gambling thing in jordan rules? it talks about how he was so bad he used to be in pool halls gambling on pool but if he lost he wouldnt even pay up and nobody had anything to say about it because of who he was.

  13. stanghal

    I couldn’t agree with you more Tiger444! I call him Angel Kiss Dick of Jordan. At first I thought he just hated LeBron, but as I got more of his absurd replies, I saw that he hates Kobe too,. He freaks out on any players that are compared to Jordan.It’s actually comical. He never mentions that when Jordan won his titles the league was watered down with six expansion teams and all the big name players were already old. Imagine if he knew Jordan was really BANNED for 2 years for illegal gambling.

  14. eyeofthetiger444

    @AngelkissDj @AngelkissDj That’s a joke right? Ok I thought for a minute you couldbe a legit basketball follower…nope. You’re stuck in the 90s and you’re afraid of a future star taking your childhood hero’s position. Good day hater

  15. eyeofthetiger444

    @AngelkissDj No you’re right I shouldn’t have used the word MOST. You don’t think Cartwright was top 50? I meant more like Pippen, rodman, Horace grant, Cartwright. I will disagree and say that yeah i do think he had great lineupsevery year. Its all about role playing not individual stats. And no there are 2 tough teams in the east the Celtics and the heat. Maybe bulls too but they’re not quite the teamto beat just yet. I

  16. AngelkissDj

    calm down boy, i never said durant is the next jordan his momma did, and i dont think it will be the case, kobe tried and failed, lechoke even more, durant will be good but he is missin’ somethin in his character, and believe he wont get it if he stays with a stupid coach lik scott brooks….okay lechoke begged for a ring and he joined wada bitch and bosh, after one big failure last year, they finally make it this year, complimenti, but sorry im not impressed, the eastern conf was SO WEAK

  17. AngelkissDj

    fake cramps, this clown was tired and he was tryin( to cover his maybe next choke moments, that why he wasnt afraid to take this 3 point, he had no pressure at all cos he knew deep inside that if he missed it, people would give him a pass because of his fake injury, smart move lechoke but I SEE clearly in ur game. he tried to have his Jordan stomach virus heroic game, but come on only fools can buy it

  18. AngelkissDj

    top 50 players of all time surrounded Jordan, are u kiddin’ me, Bj armstrong, bill cartwright, ohhhh yes for sure WILL PERDUE i get it now, boy please u have every right to love lechoke but dont tell me Jordan had individually the best starting five during his first three peat, come on, Blazers on paper were better than the bulls,but thanks to the greatness of Jordan, he beat ’em…soon u will have the nerves to say that the eastern conference today is tougher than the one of the golden nineties

  19. eyeofthetiger444

    well this year they could never get their new guys into a good groove. especially fuckin lamar odom. and losing tyson chandler was big because he was a big part of the mavs defense. and i read in an article that carlise was trying to do the same thing as 2011 where they practice their strategies against teams like the bulls and lakers etc. but couldnt get the new guys to blend in and due to the shortened season it made it that much harder. after last year teams were ready to defend dirk also

  20. AngelkissDj

    believe mavs have never my team, even if 2006 i was rooting for the heat, but I Have tremendous respect for what they have achieved last year, hard work, unselfish teammates which led to great chemistry and an impressive come back to roll over the heat’s clowns, too bad they blew their chance to compete this year cos they will never get howard, wrong bet, concernin’ D will….????? without a good center they wont go that far, lots lots of respect for what celtics almost did, with bradley n green

  21. eyeofthetiger444

    and also about that lebron playing like a sissy thing…the mavericks had been working on their defensive strategies incredibly hard and consistently during the season to prepare for the postseason, on top of erik spoelstra running bad plays for the entire miami heat team, they had very little chance of making lebron produce AT ALL. spoelstra is inexperienced (except asst coaching) i will give you that edge but mavericks deserve more credit than the heat deserve discredit they were great in 2011

  22. AngelkissDj

    sounds good man, Yeah ive been to lclub live during the winter music conference 2 years ago, it is in Fontainebleau I GUESS, anyway we both had great and wild sex last week, As much as i dont root for the heat, I only have positive things to say about the great vibes of miami and da craziest moments i had da chance to experience, latinas are for sure very tasty but make a stop in Italy, Netherlands and Hungary and u will be AMAZED by the beauty of the chicks, and they r so Horny, peace to u

  23. eyeofthetiger444

    well its really not fair to play the what if game but you can go check somewhere and see that the rockets spanked the bulls season after season. that being said if you ask a basketball player, playing against a team from the opposite conference during the season is not the same as playing them in the finals because one team could be on a road trip, playing back to back games, theyre outta gas etc. i can tell you this much most of the people he won his titles with were top 50 all time players

  24. AngelkissDj

    give me a break jordan came back late in the year just before few weeks before the playoffs, so it was kind of too late for him to get in gear and thy lost to orlando right.
    he retired for one year and a half.
    do u really think rockets would have beat the bulls? PLEASE
    Jordan didnt have two all stars, only one named pippen who is by the way a fuckin jealous and frustrated guy, lechoke has 2 all stars on his side ok, so.

  25. eyeofthetiger444

    im actually a celtics fan not a heat fan. and jordan didnt retire for 2 years he retired for 1. you really dont know as much as you want these people to believe i guess. he came back in 94 and didnt make the finals in 95. he was there he just didnt get it done. all of those guys you mentioned won with all star teams. guess who shaq won his 4th ring with? as for that….strange strange comment about my butt hole…umm i wont reply to that. thats just weird. i mean really really weird.

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