Machinima Replay – NBA Playoffs 5/4/10 (w Lakers, Jazz, Suns, Spurs, Celts, Cavs, Magic, Hawks)

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24 Responses to “Machinima Replay – NBA Playoffs 5/4/10 (w Lakers, Jazz, Suns, Spurs, Celts, Cavs, Magic, Hawks)”

  1. stephaniemillerk

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  2. Jackie84566

    MachinimaSports I mean if I, have the ability to dunk, then anybody can, I’m only 5ft 7inches seriously! Simply just don’t be lazy and follow a training program like the one I am using 50 inch vertical (dot) com, it’ll multiply your jump/rebounding and your speed.
    Machinima Replay – Machinima Replay NBA Playoffs 5/4/10 (w Lakers, Jazz, Suns, Spurs, Celts, Cavs, Magic, Hawks) Sports fuqihhsg viwzbz #MachinimaSports

  3. 011Harman

    Smoove and Machinma CELTICS KILLED CAVS

  4. JabbaTheHutXL

    the black dude does not know basketball.. hes going with what he wishes happens.. celtics arent too old.. and lakers are good

  5. TheLuigiMarioFan

    i think cavs in 7 games
    magic in 4 games
    suns in 5 games
    lakers in 4 games

  6. TheLuigiMarioFan

    this is what is what the playoff results so far on may 9th
    cavs and celtics tied 2-2
    magic leading 3-0 against hawks
    suns leading 3-0 also against spurs
    lakers leading 3-0 also against jazz

  7. MsMARIANO1985


  8. Exczoso

    so much for their prediction.. cavs already up 2-1!

  9. ocelotvarn

    I love this stuff. I found a great way to follow athletes using an app called Athletes Tweet by MEDL Mobile. I’d suggest checking it out if u like following athletes n stuff.

  10. kingcam08

    constant lol…lookn reallll dumb right now

  11. ZhuhMedia

    First Halo Reach Overkill and lots of other epic gamplay

  12. lvl100pokemans

    niggers….in my video games?

  13. fashowidit25

    boston in 6 or 7… orlando in 5 …. phoenix in 6…. lakers in 4 or 5… i know everyone saw cleveland getting handled in game 2 against boston….. orlando killed atlanta…. pheonix handled san antonio pretty good and lakers cruising… kobe lookin alot better

  14. MrBallaBoy21

    Why does every black dude call himself sexual chocalate? It’s played out.

  15. blacktopaz8

    the bleck guy is way off about the lakers jazz series.

  16. jonathan solorio

    yeah, thats what im thinking will happen

  17. nsilv0414

    Orlando goin all the way baby

  18. 99Snipez

    Stupid shit out of 5 starters no one can play deffence have u hears of grant hill I got Phoenix in 4

  19. Zfinster

    this channel is fail

  20. Wingwangwannabingban

    This is a comment

  21. sammy1456987


  22. iBashTV

    Dawg, constant.. we wanna see the god damn mohawk son

  23. Phillip N

    good stuff, what i say is:
    Celtics in 6
    Orlando in 5
    PHX in 6
    Lakers in 5

  24. jayarealgoon21


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