Maalik Wayns 2012 NBA Draft Workout – Impact Basketball – Villanova

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21 Responses to “Maalik Wayns 2012 NBA Draft Workout – Impact Basketball – Villanova”

  1. ManovSteelo

    ‘Agreed’ re: Kemba comment. Not sure if he can run a team in the NBA, though, so prol’y will be a 3d guard. But he made it to the Sixers, so I guess we’ll have to see.

  2. AlMaruf94

    Nice try Allen Iverson


    drop  it like its hot drop it like its hot

  4. jeremiahh2911

    then toward the end of the video 19 in a row 😉

  5. jeremiahh2911

    I like where he buries 12 threes in a row

  6. bballbball3

    There’s no way he goes in the first. He was my fav player at Nova but he’ll go mid 2nd round at best.

  7. Byronic19134

    Wayns is a stud he should of pickemd up where Kemba Walker left off in the Big East but Nova had internal issues. His. ceiling is Kyle Lowry at worse hes Euro MVP. He’s built like. RB n is crazy shifty n quick wit Philly playground handles.

  8. bballbball3

    Can he shoot though?

  9. 3ff0rtl355

    I’m just saying his shot was just money

  10. Kyle Jackson

    I’m only roughly around 5’7 and I dunk in my team games everyday. Now i am part of college’s team and my elegant dunking intrigues just about everyone (). It was truthfully unbelievably easy and quick, I merely just put to use the particular workout program over at 50inchvertical[dot]com –

    Maalik Wayns 2012 NBA Draft Workout – Impact Basketball – Villanova

  11. john kim

    why would you show misses on a video?

  12. dadacinho

    12 3’s in a row. If Andre Miller leaves, I’d love to see him in a Nuggets Uniform

  13. NICEisNICE

    6 foot randy foye….

  14. dubzee23

    they both can

  15. VibeItUpHD

    so true. even if you got the ratchet your just gonna have those days were the shots wont fall and you are gonna have to drive and get to the rim

  16. VibeItUpHD

    these NBA workouts are light work lol. you just have to be a great shooter for these workouts

  17. e84fresh

    I think people put way too much emphasis on workouts instead of games. Just because a someone does good in workouts doesn’t mean they are going to do good in games.

  18. Sarunasas

    Reminds me Bo Mccaleb

  19. cmurchie1

    everyone sleeping on him he’s gonna be a starting PG some day!

  20. efulgham3

    DJ can dunk….ihave seen it when iwas in middle school (when he was in high school) he just can’t get up like D Rose and slam on people..

  21. attefjord666

    hes going to get a knee injury fast with that shooting form!!!

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