Los Angeles Clippers Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season

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25 Responses to “Los Angeles Clippers Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season”

  1. Hakkedunome

    The Clippers top 10 or Cp3 and Blake Griffin top 10?

  2. yangyang712

    No 7…. no7..

  3. DeftLR

    Did you not watch Round 1 of the playoffs? Don’t be mad just because Lebron got a ring. You really have to let things go, Mr. Durant.

  4. jobensyo

    Number 9 sounds like jordan shot a cannon

  5. andrewlikesguitars

    Poor Pau haha

  6. jak487

    Please, please, please fire Del Negro before the season starts.

  7. MrDurant123

    most overrated team in the nba…

  8. adamtheboyfromdenmar

    HAHA I dont think Blake likes Pau, at all… 1:00 , 1:12 LOL sucks for Pau!! 😀

  9. Nirvezz

    2011 Mozgov dunk, 2012 Perkins dunk, 2013 Superman Dunk on Howard

  10. brownie12m

    spurs flop too *manu

  11. TheJos28e

    before i even watch i bet CP3 was a part of all 10 plays

  12. TheJos28e

    before i even watch i bet CP3 was a part of all 10 plays

  13. brownie12m

    spurs flop too *manu

  14. kiingkawng

    Was this the Clippers top 10 or the Thunders worst 10?

  15. coolwhipspecial

    Spurs fan.

  16. brownie12m

    laker fan

  17. ligitvideos

    All the plays are against OKC

  18. xxCODROBINxx

    My Lob City

  19. Eremi124

    I knew that this Griffin dunk will be nr1 😀

  20. shoot210

    #4 how the fuck did chris paul see that

  21. SuPeRTiP0

    #7 FUCK ME O.O!

  22. coolwhipspecial

    What about the top ten flops of the season?

  23. Mr36EP

    They have here own seperate courts and training courts an they play on different dates

  24. AceBurst

    His team mate wasnt happy. n.o 6.

  25. Newschoolkids24

    Can someone tell me if the staples center is the same building like do the clippers or lakers always play on different dates (when there’s a home game) or is it like they just change the colors on the court and have the same court i never understood how they’re in the same city and play on the same court.

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