LeBron James Top 10 Plays of the 2012 NBA Season

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25 Responses to “LeBron James Top 10 Plays of the 2012 NBA Season”

  1. JusticeValorHonor

    first step is gather step.

  2. Valthyrion

    @vdjvuit You know he is the awesome. BUT Its nice to receive our NFL jersey for nothing bit.ly/Pv3VmE?=omiaxe

  3. TryitSmurf

    I Fuck ur bullshit, shit!

  4. MrTheYoutubification

    Gather step, one step, two step

  5. bpsn555520

    Lebron has 0 rings. He gets one in 5 days.

  6. Ccollectsions

    If you dont like him why u watching videos about him

  7. AWSMkidz

    Two and a half steps…
    Perfectly legal, as it is exactly what the NBA rules state.

  8. Samuilleaboss

    its not a travel, thats “pivot foot” is a gather step

  9. LAXBRUH242

    lebron travels in 8 and 5

  10. ikumigaikeikeninaxtu


  11. Aaron Kramer

    #6 is a travel

  12. s980325

    Dude, go learn how to do a spin move first, and if it was a travel, why didn’t the ref call it?? Get with the program my friend.

  13. eminemfanboy5

    Jordan had grace true but lebron is a tank that rolls through anything he is savage and huge! Unlike jordan

  14. superman1113215

    lol wtf? do you people call everyone who disagrees with you haters? all i did was point out a travel, relax.

  15. MrNike799

    Another hater…

  16. aria213312

    stop bitchin. If the refs dont call it then its fair play

  17. kostarr76

    He doesnt have the grace that michael jordan had…he tries too hard takes himself too serious..michael jordan best there was best there will be.period.

  18. MrBuckee07


  19. 22drocboy95

    Some of these comments depreciating LeBron Disgust me. Let’s just face it. If you know anything about basketball his level of play is beyond amazing. I’m just saying, LeBron is a hell of a basketball player and Dwayne wade is a good player but he is far from a magic, or bird lmao that analogy in itself is a little unfair to both to wade and those 2 hall of fame members. It could be fair to say KD and Kobe as those two roles and did he join with them? NO. He beat KD in a 4-1 series. KD is a

  20. titsrkool1

    Number 6 was a travel by Cole!

  21. slimmyshank23

    how is it a travel

  22. Jesus Valdez

    Lebron > durant >Kobe EZ!

  23. vendettakobe

    are u fuckign stupid ?
    his pivot foot lifts while spinning travel without a doubt

  24. s980325

    No it isn’t. He took 2 steps, if u really know how to do a spin move, then u’ll know he didn’t travel

  25. SemperFeared

    Are you saying he’s not a proficient scorer?

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