LeBron James mix – Road to finals (2012 NBA Playoffs highlights) 1080p HD

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23 Responses to “LeBron James mix – Road to finals (2012 NBA Playoffs highlights) 1080p HD”

  1. wowjustawful

    If D-Wade and Lebron were losing, they’d get so much shit for all the style plays they go for. But since they win… Goddamn it looks good..

  2. TheSPOUT01

    I feel so lucky to have the possibility to see all these greats and spectaculars players around the league… Lebron, the king and all his great MVP caliber players like CP3, Kobe, Rose, Dwade, KD, DH12… a great season to come! ;D

  3. Grizzliano Ronaldo

    The pressure is on to win his second if the HEAT play the LAKERS in the finals

  4. FantaFrancisco

    title should be road to nba championship

  5. Dekadez

    1:10 That D-Wade swag.

  6. OriginalMeify

    Game 6 vs Boston AT boston was his best game in a HEAT jersey

  7. maedadaisuki2011

    thumbs up For Linkin Park

  8. ken18007

    Lebron is the best player in the NBA!! he is my favorite player but 3:16 was a travel 🙂

  9. DistanceReps

    3:19 Lebron wearing Concords.

  10. LoxBoy561

    to me the best moment in the Boston and Miami series was wen Lebron jumped over Rondo. Im so happy that the Miami Heat won the Finals… Now we got Wade, Lebron, Bosh, RAY ALLEN, AND RESHARD LEWIS. We goin to the Finals again next year.
    # Heat Nation 6e1ie3

  11. Rochelle Fields

    The Heat will win not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 not 6 but 7 or more championships the sky is the limit for bron and dwade now bron dont have the pressure of winning a ring now he will play more free than ever look out NBA land

  12. 99avarice

    they changed it to 2 steps a long time ago. so he is not travelling.

  13. ThyGodlyness

    Just so much truth…

  14. claymcd22

    burn it down by linkin park

  15. TheEljsa27

    who s the songs

  16. lorenzo coran


  17. MrOmfgwtflmao

    Make A DWADE ONE

  18. MuhammadDarr

    Thank you for not being a hater!!! I’m a Heat and LeBron fan but I hate when people hate! It’s cool if you have your own team or player that u like…but people need to stop HATING! THANK YOU!



  20. Christian E


  21. SoEmbarrassing

    3:16 travel but whatever hes a fuckin boss

  22. iEmbarcadero

    Traveled Like A boat.lol

  23. Mark Anthony Cash Garrett II

    I like 1:53

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