Lakers vs. Thunder Game 3 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 5.18.2012

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25 Responses to “Lakers vs. Thunder Game 3 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 5.18.2012”

  1. lololsdadsa

    chill the fuck out

  2. Jayugly93

    should he still retire with the new lakers still or? lmao

  3. skyblue5914

    yeah i agree i dont see why kobe would leave this is home if he goes somewhere else he wont have true fans his only true fans are right here in la

  4. djlilray73

    Okay now i think Kobe should stay cause the Lakers did a great job on picking up pieces they need for Kobe. Steve Nash is a big pick up and Dwight Howard is the biggest pick up. YES i believe now Kobe should stay with the Lakers. Great job that the owner of the Lakers to pick up the pieces for more championship runs.

  5. skyblue5914


  6. skyblue5914

    no if he wants more rings the team needs to get better hes not going with any other team dude the lakers are a great team now that we have nash and jamison and a little improvement on the bench la will be back the go to a new team doesnt make sense

  7. huskyTimAnstie

    fuckin’ quality

  8. daron0master

    Really??? Leave LA, kobe will retire in Lakerland. And they will win this season

  9. talaxian1

    why does this video play like utter shit

  10. samoa299

    As much as I couldnt stand the Thunder during this series Im going to have to root for them in the Finals because I cant stand the Heat

  11. Ralph Rafael

    this is unbelievable, I elevated much more than thirteen ins on my personal vertical jumping ability by completing the training course that’s available over at 50inchvertical(dot)com. From now on being a bit less talented is something I don’t have to worry about on a game rofl

    Lakers vs. Thunder Game 3 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 5.18.2012

  12. Wampo683

    Lakers losing Lamar Odom and Derek Fisher in one season kind of hurt them. I am a die-heart Lakers fan whether they lose or win. Fisher helped OKC to reach the finals this year. He is the most experienced. Durant, Westbrook, Harden nothing compared to 5 time NBA finals champ

  13. bshen88

    coulda shoulda woulda…it’s the teams that close out games and win close games that end being champions. The Laker teams of 99-01 had so many close games and buzzer beaters during their run but knowing how to win those games and just having that killer instinct helped make those teams champions. This current Laker team clearly doesn’t have that…

  14. Jsalcedo23

    They can contend. If you watched lakers games, especially during the series with OKC, you’d see they lose games by their own avail. They lost control of game 2, up by 7 with 2 mins left. Then game 4 similar situation. Lakers should have been up 3-1 at that point.

  15. ladylyn cambonga

    win or loss lakers is may idol…

  16. gabisaaj1

    Thunder all the way

  17. bshen88

    Well there’s definitely no way Kobe leaves the Lakers. That being said, the Lakers need an overhaul to their current roster. Yes, they’re talented and yes that team on paper should be able to contend but it’s two years running where they’ve proven that they actually can’t contend the way they’re constructed. They’re still thin at the point and Kobe needs to re-adjust his game…taking 23 shots per game and shooting 43% just ain’t gonna get it done anymore.

  18. ibuffalou

    kobe’s game is different now – he can’t penetrate or playmake for teammates anymore so he gets his same numbers with jumpshots almost exclusively now, and because of this he can’t elevate teammates anymore. that is why his 42 pts in game 5 had no effect of elevating teammates. in his old age, kobe has turned into iverson – scores a bunch of points, but can’t elevate teammates (because he is too old to be dynamic and playmake, penetrate).

  19. jesus lopez

    fuck okc hopefully beat spurs beat them

  20. albertov0727

    we’ll be back again, and i know it. with all these offseason rumors that might happen we’ll be back. imagine theses new guys to our roster. josh smith from ATL or deron from NJ. Michael beasley. Andre iggy. this will be a very exciting offseason for every team.

  21. Chris56076

    Lol i know this isn’t about Carmelo but he is my favorite player and I’m sick of the disrespect . In recent years he’s shown signs of developing his overall game, defending and rebounding and passing with some proficiency. He doesn’t do anything consistently yet, however, except produce points. But Melo will get better every year and his teammates has to get better around him

  22. Sezixor

    lets go spurs! kick the thunders ass!

  23. goldenstate2413

    maybe next year

  24. JessicaG28

    Go spurs!!!

  25. Exile101882

    The owners and entire front office, the refs, Stern and the league, and let’s not forget the players who bait others into bullshit calls by excessive flopping and acting who FULL WELL KNOW that if they play the part, the refs will blow the whistle!

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