Knicks at Grizzlies NBA Halftime Show

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24 Responses to “Knicks at Grizzlies NBA Halftime Show”

  1. prepnamedre

    True. It was sickening. I turned away after the flagrant foul on JR Smith.

  2. fearnear

    Can you do a breakdown on your favorite player?

  3. hooikidz

    are you gonna do a breakdown on this game?

  4. corhnman5k

    Tom needs a new camera

  5. farhanking7861

    lol in the beginning!

  6. mrduckman225

    Ok it fixed itself. Great vid.

  7. mrduckman225

    Bad audio coach.

  8. mo28mabini

    Mike Woodson should have made a better effort rotating the bench tonight. With this older group, back to back games are tougher and that’s when he should count on the bench like Novak to step it up a bit. The calls got into their head and it was too late when they tried to regroup and win the game.

  9. Robert Harris

    Nice job. Keep it up. Refs made it a little frustrating to watch, but sometimes that’s the way it goes.

  10. Atoweha

    I hope you talk about how the refs fucked the knicks in the 3rd quarter. im not even a knicks or grizz fan but the refs ruined the 2nd half of the game.

  11. billy199733412

    For sure – them going 0-8 in the pre-season just goes to show how shitty their bench is.

    But at the end of the day, Gasol, Howard, Nash and Kobe is a legitimate crew; it will be scary when they learn how to mesh.

  12. matt lam

    laker is merely just a 90mil team playing at a 40mil level.

  13. billy199733412

    I’m about to win a solid $300 (6 different bets!)

    I know this is early but a healthy Memphis – Marc Gasol, Zebo, Rudy Gay is a solid big 3.
    Personally I think they’re nicer than the Lakers.

  14. Brannon Johnson

    This was freeeeshh! Yall needa have me on here tho

  15. Mufc Rulz

    Liked this a lot.

  16. Sultan Ghirmay

    GREAT WOKR NICK  TOM ANd SETH. look forward to next tie!:)

  17. 23breeny23

    thanks coach nick:)

  18. Atoweha

    note TRIED

  19. Atoweha

    bayless pulled on smith, smith spun around and elbowed bayless, then bayless tried to push smith

  20. arunknows

    knicks losing rebounding 21-13 & grizzlies have 8 offensive rebounds

  21. 23breeny23

    zac randolph is beasting on the boards tonight

  22. psgamerss

    Smith elbowed bayless

  23. Robert Wang

    what happened there at that double tech? i missed it

  24. reagan yuan

    great game for both teams

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