Jet Chang 2012 NBA Draft Workout – Impact Basketball – Chang Tsung Hsien

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25 Responses to “Jet Chang 2012 NBA Draft Workout – Impact Basketball – Chang Tsung Hsien”

  1. Jan Hizon

    finally some asian. the nba is so fuckin ignorant to asians.

  2. TheAntman

    honestly, there aren’t many 6’4″ players in the league. it’s kinda hard placing those guys in a true position.

  3. nikofiosi95

    He needs to line up his feet and schoulders when shooting otherwise he’ll become sloppy in tough situations. But a lot off talent and effort this kid brings in!

  4. mrgordon724


  5. socialization1

    I wanna see some summer league highlights of him unless he didn’t well in those games.

  6. SkillzDatKillz187

    He’s not as good as Lin. He recently played in the FIBA Asia cup and wasn’t even the best player on the Chinese Taipei team. No wonder he got 0 minutes in the Las Vegas Summer League. He’s probably off to a basketball career playing in China.

  7. ShannonMossify

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  8. lunchbox203710

    I like his jumpshot but he needs to improve his handles

  9. jumpguy1221

    He’s so slow

  10. Marcus Hill

    Just because he’s asian doesn’t mean you have to compare him to Jeremy Lin.

  11. jkcshi

    why are all the comments about race, just appreciate the talent in this video

  12. ecorpuz

    Well, actually the white slave trade only selected the physically strongest individuals in the same way a cattle farmer selects a cow. Many africans died during transport and subsequently through the physically demanding work they were forced to endure for generations. The dominance of african americans in sport and the stereotype that blacks are the most physically intimidating is a result of this piece of racist colonial history. If you don’t believe me go to Africa.

  13. Yvonne Guerra

    if he has handles, he’ll be in the nba. if he doesnt get picked up he should go to the d league first. look at jeremy lin, he didnt give up, hard work pays off.

  14. bootayyshakin

    african americans have the white slave owners of the 1800s to thank, for making them so genetically freakish today.

  15. RPAY100

    Jet is his nickname. Chang Tsung Hsien is his Chinese name. He is from Taiwan and played basketball for BYU-Hawaii after graduating from Taiwan’s high school

  16. RPAY100

    Jet Chang 張宗憲加油!!! 祝你好運 依你的實力一定可以在籃壇上發光發熱 趁年輕 放手一博就對了:)

  17. 0XAciDRaiNX0

    if you ever watched BYU hawaii play then you would know scoring over 20 a game was regular for jet chang

  18. calpitoc

    Nice jumper. I just hope he isn’t playing at full speed…

  19. ZayNotAVG

    anyone notice its the same clips

  20. TVInhuman

    He Could Be Just Like Flip Murray He Went To Shaw University, A Division II School In The CIAA Conference That Holds A Big Tournament In Charlotte, NC, Same Story/Scenario Except Murray Got Drafted I Think!

  21. 1FLOt

    I say the same thing because half these players in the summer league….brick.

  22. 1FLOt

    no dick… everybody in the united States knows the one sided look at things. They know that being chinese Jeremy Lin automatically set the role model, or artificial dream that a phillipino, chinese, japanese, taiwanese player can excel in the NBA dominated by african americans, and white americans. I have nothing against Jet Chang at all or chinese people, but when you are not understanding the general aspect of his comment…your a dick.

  23. onlydunk

    i’m a 17 year old dunker trying to rep the asian community, check me out!

  24. logann

    why does every workout reel on this channel show only makes. so stupid

  25. Markus77x7

    He’s awesome. Reminds me of Byron Scott.

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