Jeremy Lin’s First NBA Start New York Knicks Nba basketball

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25 Responses to “Jeremy Lin’s First NBA Start New York Knicks Nba basketball”

  1. Cory Schneider

    Jeremy is going to be the biggest star in the nba

  2. imhot142

    Good incident, carmelo wasn’t playing for atleast 7 games.

  3. iamthereaImaster

    first NBA…………START.

  4. superprman2330

    hello dvd zero lol jajajaja

  5. superprman2330

    lin is ugly as hell lol

  6. Dividedbyzero Parodox

    do you have a cool nickname like super lintendo?

  7. Peter Tran

    Really made Jefferson look bad…4 REBS..damn

  8. Domexpo

    lol utah jazz

  9. seanb824

    Lin had been in the NBA for 2 years already, he went undrafted in 2010.

  10. Jacob Farnsworth

    he does look similar to jeremy lin

  11. yxxvb

    are you sure this is his first game? Lol… there’s a Jeremy Lin Show shirt right there when Jeremy Lin just got into the NBA. Why would somebody have his shirt on unless thats his family??????

  12. mikegsr94


  13. xXmakuletsXx

    Who says Asians can’t drive?

  14. superprman2330

    Lol, and your mother, she screams a lot on the bed!!!! Lol

  15. Boomer Truong

    and you don’t know english

  16. purefoxpk123

    keep taping 9 :p

  17. Ralzaly

    5 for 8 3 pointers buddy

  18. NFLDRAFT2017

    stop lying 

  19. L3GTSc0p3z

    haha wat a retard

  20. stickitupyourasteric

    groin injuries are just a sign of lazzy warm up melo fits that deal he seems lazy

  21. Oleg Acton

    eh , if you want to develop in basketball, you must start sticking with a real training plan. I used widely known nba workout system over at “50inchvertical (dot) com”. I haven t even told this to my college teammates yet ha

  22. ryanhigafan12


  23. truthEndlove

    If you noticed the Asian guy with black t shirt that says the “Jeremy Lin show” but next to him.. That’s j-Lin’s younger brother… If you wanted to know…

  24. jimmycandunk

    Oj mogfduf jaggy muggy hjvhkghukf

  25. jimmycandunk


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