JEREMY LIN new NBA Basketball Star , he’s Unstoppable

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3 Responses to “JEREMY LIN new NBA Basketball Star , he’s Unstoppable”

  1. spartan1down

    He’s rare. Once in a lifetime athlete spanning across all sports. You could imagine the amount of pressure on him.

    But mark my words, he will do amazing things in the NBA.

  2. spartan1down

    Even he scored 30+ points a game with average of 8-10 assists, and at least 4 rebounds, he wouldn’t be MVP. The NBA is setup in such a way where you have to pay your dues, and you could apply that to any aspect of life, really.

    I agree with many things that you stated, but Jeremy Lin will be a force to be reckoned with. That Ivy-League fact is profound, gave me goosebumps. AND, he’s an Asian-American. I believe he’s the first Asian-AMERICAN, to be in the NBA, let alone Ivy-league athelete

  3. jh4wang

    I saw you watch Jeremy Lin played with Laker, yesterday. I agree with you 100%.

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