Jeremy Evans` Monster Dunk

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24 Responses to “Jeremy Evans` Monster Dunk”

  1. TrollshotGG

    Turiaf is going to name is son Jeremy after that one

  2. Brandon Humes

    you aint LBJ BABY i watch too much Chris Smoove SPPLLAAASSSHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!

  3. lil trill


  4. allenkenobi

    0:13 randy foye: OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!

  5. blasterskv

    i see… hey i know a really good psychiatric doctor. i think he’ll fix your problem :)

  6. kazabubu365


  7. blasterskv

    which your country?

  8. kazabubu365

    you can talk shit all day long, but that is not gona change tha fact that my coutry fuck yours in the war so but and the biggest prouve is kosovo now is ALBANIAN TERRITORY. hahahaha serbian rat go cry know !!!!!! SREBS=SLAVS=SLAVES!!!!!

  9. blasterskv

    hahaha nooooo.. wrong again!
    i’m your mother fucker 🙂

  10. kazabubu365

    hahahahah loser!!!!

  11. blasterskv

    your mother is a “biatch” and i fucked her because she loves orthodox dick up her pussy 🙂

  12. SrustinLim

    lol the vets on the bench dont wanna react to a throwdown on their own teammate.

  13. kazabubu365

    biach please search republic of kosovo in google….

  14. blasterskv

    says who?

  15. kazabubu365

    kosovo is ALBANIA!!!!!

  16. reedg50

    I completely agree

  17. MagicMan Boy

    Ronnie Turiaf Is More than to lebron!

  18. MagicMan Boy

    Traded Him To Los Angeles Lakers! Kobe Avoids.

  19. blasterskv

    The length of his arms…

  20. LoveTheSwagger

    Turiaf: Looks like its time to retire

  21. Партизан Понос Србије


  22. TeamRose773


  23. battletoads2011

    imagine if Perkins was in Turiaf position.. he’ll say… “whhatttt!! not again..”

  24. Nike King

    Jeremy Evans = Grown man

    Ronny turiaf = New Born #ThatWasNasty

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