Inside The Nba – Russell Westbrook Benched – (31-1-13)

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24 Responses to “Inside The Nba – Russell Westbrook Benched – (31-1-13)”

  1. Michael Jordan

    I’m the only guy who have Talent & leadership!!!

  2. Liam Murphy

    russell westbrook is the reason why they fuck up if he used his inside game and passed way more hed be just as good as any but this is kevin durants team durant is twenty times better then russell let it go russell your a point guard a quarter back in bball it durants team pass it to him quit forcin ass like shots

  3. MrRichWild

    Chuck funny af

  4. akonvict


  5. DC F

    RW is the hindrance for KD winning a title.

  6. Goonsout16

    shaq is a flip flopper smh

  7. goinham25

    dude is 6’4 200 pounds with long ass arms, he would beat the FUCK out of you and you call him feminine?

  8. Tripster60

    he was talking about russell westbrook but what ever

  9. DirtySouth2DirtyJerz

    You implied that you were supporting Dwight by arguing how Shaq was goofy. Critical thinking. And you responded to someone who was talking about Dwight. Same shit.

  10. morales01604


  11. tubadude07

    The fact that Scott Brooks hasn’t really handled this yet scares me for the Thunder…not the greatest coach….

  12. thagatecityking

    What a feminine little bitch westbrook is….wow
    And to act like hes so bad smh
    Dude is soft as fuck and he knows it

  13. Tripster60

    i didn’t mention dwight now did I

  14. DirtySouth2DirtyJerz

    There is a time and a place for everything. Shaq knew when to goof around and when to DOMINATE with his game face on sans smiles. Dwight doesn’t have the ability to switch to BEAST mode like Shaq did.

  15. fau2an100

    no no no

    when you are really talented, the role of a leader is thrust upon you. The truly talented embrace it and adapt their play style and personality to best fit that role. When you are young, its more about “me” than “we”

    Westbrook is concerned with his growth right now, but eventually he will need to accept the mantle of a leader because his talent warrants that role. Will he succeed in it?
    It depends on how he adapts himself to the situation

  16. BoyRHeeMo

    the wisest thing ive heard from barkley in a while

  17. Cheatcode Hoe

    Westbrrok- “I controlled it like a man, and I did”

    ….How can he call himself a man when he always wears children’s clothing?

  18. kg21mack

    Yea but Westbrook is a very atypical point guard, I don’t think he needs to change his game to have success; I’d want him to continue attacking constantly but just better shot selection on pull-ups in transition and such.

  19. RotatingKitchen

    Westbrook is acting like a 14 year old here

  20. itouchme78

    should of never traded J. Harden – morons! OKC will not win a chip with russell bonehead westbrook! KD gotta get his man under control bra! great athlete and great player but his decisions are questionable

  21. formeyousee

    After the stomping from Miami last night it was nice to see Wesbrook handle the post game interview with more class than the “if that’s what you say bruh” line again. He’s young and has the time and potential to really develope into a great leader along with being the incredibly talented player he already is.

  22. Russell Eastbrook

    If thats what you say bruh

  23. formeyousee

    I believe your reasoning is right. It does make sense.

  24. ChaosAtlas01

    Just cause you one of the top dogs does not mean you are a leader, just because you have no rings does not mean you don’t know how to win. While it is true you need a certain attitude to win, you also need to differentiate what is the ‘fire’ attitude to win games or the attitude that is a hindarance to winning.

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