Indiana Pacers Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season

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24 Responses to “Indiana Pacers Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season”

  1. EnigmaXII

    @1:50 BABY, BABY, BABY.

  2. felipemful

    Paul George is a beast!

  3. sandurace

    paul george have a sickest windmill dunk…!!!

  4. george bryan

    1:55 Amundsons face when he finds out hes on the timberwolves

  5. george bryan

    not PG13 but PG24

  6. Adam Brown


  7. Gearsofblackops

    For* the next years.

  8. sebske97

    Paul George is BEAST, THE FUTURE and the most promising player for this decade – coming from a die hard knickerbocker…

  9. mezigpo

    Welcome to Minnesota Lou A

  10. bballfan9857

    Indy might have been one of the

  11. bballfan9857

    My point is that there’s team soft in the NBA AND

  12. OopsFromSbc

    How to hack facebook /watch?v=gwzDpaW23ZM

  13. cremer95

    PG = Next T-Mac/Vince Carter

  14. Born2Noob

    Paul George should have won the 2012 Dunk Contest

  15. cyainhelleric

    Not sure if Pacers top 10.. or Paul George’s top 10

  16. macadona123

    Indiana are on the way up but i dont see title contention for another 5 years at least

  17. bballislife7158

    1:51 ohhh baby baby baby!!!!

  18. bballislife7158


  19. wagnerjack88

    first of all, you obviously dont know what you are talking about. They are one of the most underrated teams in the NBA. And they aren’t soft, they just need to be put on the right path to play well with each other. Which, they are working better at. Because over the summer they worked together, and i believe coach Vogel can do well with them.

  20. MRRHINO619

    im taking about the soft pacer team

  21. wagnerjack88

    what the fuck are u talking about

  22. Eli0Matic27

    eastern confrence is definetly going to pacers bonified first seed

  23. MRRHINO619

    Indiana Overrated SOFT Pacers

  24. gio00000001

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