How @JoakimNoah Helped The Bulls Beat The Nets: 2013 NBA Playoffs Game 2

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25 Responses to “How @JoakimNoah Helped The Bulls Beat The Nets: 2013 NBA Playoffs Game 2”

  1. privatoist

    Rose is the best player, but Noah is the heart of the team. Nate wouldve been the energy and driving force, but shit happens.

  2. TheKodyBoyle

    Hell yeah

  3. daanmagier

    Noah is getting even better.
    He is amazing

  4. n1phrendil

    Looks like Noah watches your videos. He is so hardworking on boxing out now.

  5. Ladyjackkal

    Noah a straight up hustla

  6. mattroom

    Watching Joakim Noah play makes me really appreciate “effort”. I mean, it’s such a widely used, general term. To see what it can actually translate into (great defense and helpful offense) is great.

  7. mattb2354

    4:30 is pure passion. I love Noah.

  8. YoGabbbaaa

    Noah just straight up play hard.

  9. oswaldo

    Do a breakdown of Nate Robinson’s affect

  10. Mike1245690

    vinny got kicked out of chicago for being a mediocre coach, how is he great? the real coach of the clippers is called chris paul, clippers are a .500 team without him.

  11. straightupwaffles

    I love Poppovich. Look at how he turned Kawai Leonard into a beast.

  12. straightupwaffles

    Karl won’t win. Spoelstra has a better chance than him. I can tell you that for sure and I’m pretty sure Coach Nick can back me up on that. Vinny is great though.


    Noah is my favorite player

  14. RsMaxCombat

    Spoelstra isn’t gonig to coach of the year, he has Lebron, Wade, and Bosh, and it’s like Phil Jackson and the bulls in the 90’s. He had only 1 coach of the year and that was cause they broke 70+ wins. I see Goerge Karl of the Nuggets winning, or Vinny Delnegro

  15. 'Uncle Drew

    So many YoungBloods in one video.

  16. Nick DiLeo

    of course contact is legal but the bulls over do it as part of their gameplans.., it doesnt get called so they will continue to do this… and id have no problem with this as contact is good but if another team does what they do there is a whistle because it looks out of the ordinary but the bulls do it so often it goes without notice by the officials

  17. Nick DiLeo

    The bulls purposely begin to open towards the rim early (before contact with the defender) causing the player to run into their hip sending them off balance away from the play … an illegal screen which is never called against the bulls for some strange reason … this is what won them game 3 (majority of the illegal screens coming from Noah leading to a ton of field goals

  18. Leslie Kwok

    what do you think of mark jackson?

  19. AceStars12

    Coach Nick, your 400 video is coming up congrats!
    Also, do you think Noah got robbed for Defensive Player of the Year?

  20. that_one_guy123

    What the freak are you talking about? Do you even know what a screen and roll is? The whole purpose is to lose your man so I don’t understand how they roll too early.

  21. that_one_guy123

    He can’t go to Brooklyn since they resigned Brook Lopez. :/

  22. that_one_guy123

    Joakim is the heart of our team!!!!!

  23. davies blandon

    Dang, if only he didnt miss so many games he would of been DPOY no doubt

  24. P0LICEstateWATCH

    If it weren’t for the injuries, Noah should have been the Defensive POY over Marc Gasol! He was robbed IMHO

  25. KNagisa

    I bet Noah is so happy that someone realizes his hidden efforts:)

    I often play center but its surprising that how few people notices our hustle…

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