[HD] NBA Playoffs 2009 – Ray Allen Gamewinner – Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics – Game 2

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23 Responses to “[HD] NBA Playoffs 2009 – Ray Allen Gamewinner – Chicago Bulls @ Boston Celtics – Game 2”

  1. 1121bec


  2. dbrageagainst2

    this series never gets old, this is the NBA shit ill be telling my kids about

  3. Aflip9303

    The ending play 0:55 designed by Doc is freeking Genius! Allen,Pierce & Davis forcing the miss match and screewing up up their defenders assignments and getting that shot off! Greatly Designed Play!

  4. Ladee41

    1:47  AND WHAT.

  5. xxwafflez

    i keep replaying it at 1:04
    sometimes kevin harlan says RAY ALLEN has done it again!
    sometimes he says WOODY ALLEN has done it again!

  6. xxwafflez

    haha kevin harlan said WOODY allen haha!

  7. Greg Johnson

    i love that swish sound, and then noah’s reaction

  8. Manaphy756

    One of Ray Allen’s 2,561+ threes.

  9. chocolatethunderific

    allen over noah, OHHHH RAY ALLEN HAS DONE IT AGAAAIN – classic call by kevin harlan

  10. BarstoolBlues33

    Ray Allen to Joakim Noah: Fuck you bitch, fuck out the waaaaaay.

  11. Te207080

    1:45 damn smell that fart?

  12. NBAFan66

    Check out this mix of Rajon Rondo watch?v=6fY59tzlLHg

  13. mayozthejew

    look at garnett at 1:47 hahahahah

  14. eDwin abElla

    0:25 BEST Pointguards in the league..

  15. 425native

    i just keep replaying it at 1:01.. allen over noah ohhhhhh ray allen has done it again!!!! Ray allen for threeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 425native


  17. ThePykado


  18. 425native

    hahaha ray allen had a shoot out with himself nobody compares or compared to him he was in the zone makin almost every shot/ clutch shots hes the fuckin man

  19. 425native

    fuckin A how many times have you heard “rayyy allennnnnnnn for threeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

  20. theonlyjsp

    @Etogona not “TOLD YOU MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    lol. if you told that to kevin garnett, he’d call you a nobody.

  21. warrior34able

    This clip NEVER gets old. Allen splashing that J right in Noah’s fricken face!!!! His ugly caveman looking face. Lol. Loved it. Loved that series. Best first-round series I’ve ever seen. Allen and Gordon had a damn shootout.

  22. 425native

    well said barstoolblues 33 they would have shit on the lakers if kg wasnt hurt but its whatever at least they got their ring well deserved for kg, ray ray, pierce and rondo..

  23. DraikonZ3

    The Lakers beat them in the season series the year the Lakers made a championship run

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