Freestyle Roast NBA playoffs 2011 Special Edition #DisNiggaHere

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24 Responses to “Freestyle Roast NBA playoffs 2011 Special Edition #DisNiggaHere”

  1. Sebastian SeaHorse

    do 2012

  2. hotmamma7843

    Them niggas wild for that

  3. 111260jg

    hell yeah !! yall smoked that .

  4. 9o5east

    lmao you guys are awesome, I havnt laughed like that in a while

  5. Dot Hollo


  6. NiggaKTA

    voice crack

  7. YungLeathaFace1

    John John resembles Cam’ron

  8. TakeFlight23Jordan

    chris bosh got snaped on l0l

  9. meechydakid

    Look Like He Chewin Bricks And Potatoe Chips Lmfaoo !!!!

  10. Jalen Butler

    Haahhha, hands down funny as shit. Make a 2012 playoffs pleasee!!!

  11. Sebastian SeaHorse

    do this playoffs jon jon

  12. C0DEW0lF


  13. villain6oi

    U didn’t haft 2 get my my nigga D.Rose and KD (lmao

  14. KCx10

    Retarded shawty, yea thats his name. hahhahaha

  15. Julinda Sabrina

    Dang They Got my Boy Kobe .

  16. laurencebeast15

    He went in on chris bosh though LOL

  17. forrest699ify

    Boy what you thinkin bout you thinking bout sum dick lmao snapped on bosh

  18. Lafut1

    LMFAOOOO I’m dying man this shit gettin favorite

  19. cjross99

    he burnt chris bosh

  20. frazierthomas24

    Ripped them

  21. DwightUIgnorantSlut1

    dis nigga here…dats nirk dowitzki

  22. cjross99

    this is the official roast king

  23. Maurice Joven

    bricks and potato chips lmao

  24. swagg1027

    Not a pad not a pin John John goin in

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