Evan Turner – NBA Basketball Workout Mix

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23 Responses to “Evan Turner – NBA Basketball Workout Mix”

  1. joeltr75

    time for the Kid to become a star ! can’t wait he prove it !

  2. Scofisky

    He and Bynum are going to be so good!

  3. Chris Kpahn

    What editing software was used for this?

  4. stupidshot4PC

    who cares who the top scorer is, individual awards dont win championships lol

  5. alex123opa

    he is so good

  6. IJustWantPeaceOkay

    On this team of course.

  7. NotLmfao

    I like ET but I feel that your stats are a bit too high. I think he’ll breakout to be what Paul George was last year.

    14/15 pts
    7 rb
    5.5 ast
    46% fg

  8. TheMrsfatman

    so isnt bynum going to be the top scorer?

  9. IJustWantPeaceOkay

    Breakout season for ET,now that he doesn’t have to compete for the ball with Iguodala and Lou Williams.

    can’t wait go Sixers.

  10. IJustWantPeaceOkay

    Yes,Bynum was traded to the Sixers in August.

  11. Semajay Young

    Im Not Sure

  12. Luke M


  13. ChernoffPK

    Song name?


    It probably will be evan. Nivk young is vcoming of the bench. 

  15. TheMrsfatman

    isnt bynum in philly now?

  16. Semajay Young

    No Nick Young Is

  17. TheAwesomeKiller

    He’s gonna be the sixers top scorer now

  18. jump12man

    My game is very similar to his, not a great athlete but can score inside and out and best weapon is the mid range

  19. ryanmerk11

    He shouldn’t pass more… That’s not his play style… But when he passes, he is a damn good one!

  20. Insanity91000

    gonna be a star

  21. seanymoseley

    yeah loads has happened to him

  22. TheN0lifegamer

    didn’t he break his back ones?

  23. Gorka Arzallus

    Great player, but should pass more the ball

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