Dwight Howard`s First Basket as a Laker

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25 Responses to “Dwight Howard`s First Basket as a Laker”

  1. bnavarro8

    you people are never satisfied

  2. bnavarro8

    just like the false hope you have for your team right? stfu already

  3. redassasain18

    LMAO i love this false hope laker fans have, cuz when it comes down to it the lakers won’t win a damn thing, and i can’t fuckin wait to see the look on their faces as KD torches them over and over and over again, and he locks kobe the fuck up like he always does…

  4. Dafty Punk

    Get Burned Bitch

  5. Josh Gener

    u realize it was just preseason right?? they havent stepped on the gas yet homo bitch ass nigga fucker cock sucker cum licker shit wipe!

  6. HollowSwordsman

    With all the trades and free agency that happen in the NBA off season, I want to see Heat vs. Lakers NBA Finals.

  7. jessy truong


  8. Mrfunny dunks

    It would look better with a one hand slam just saying but still an ok dunk good job Dwight

  9. Ronald Simeon

    how about first win as a laker

  10. IR0NXi0NG

    hey hey hey CALM DOWN!..I’m sorry for making fun of the Lakers so don’t go drinking bleach ok.Lakers are the best.happy now.LOL.Drink bleach and die bitch.HEAT NBA CHAMP AGAIN BITCH!!.FUCK LAKERS!!!..LOL.

  11. freshprince211

    Drink Bleach..

  12. FufuSaysHi

    Anyone notice Nash’s amazing pass? xD

  13. EuphoricPulsation


  14. hanlonjay55

    as a celtics fan, fuck.

  15. antiapaci

    all teams having bad chemistry passes alley oop like half a dozen

  16. IR0NXi0NG

    I know for a FACT that kobe and nash is getting old and lakers will become nothing more but another sorry team lol.And I know for a FACT that HEAT is gonna RIP you guys APART.We got HEAT off the bench too.Who yiug guys got off your sorryass bench to play when a starter gets injured.LOL.Won’t be seeing ya in the FINALS.LOL>FAGGGGG>

  17. yousaf93


  18. matrixleader

    laker for life!

  19. matrixleader

    1000 dislikes by bitter shitty fans hahahaha! fuck you guys!

  20. lin fenglin

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  21. Xboy323

    of course his first basket is a dunk

  22. thisisekuu

    and pink dress, that would fit with his personality

  23. eyydee67


  24. SlideSity

    48 dislikes by orlando fans :p

  25. SlideSity

    he’s wearing yellow arm sleeves

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