Denver Nuggets Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season

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25 Responses to “Denver Nuggets Top 10 Plays of the 2012 Season”

  1. MixtapeKilla2004

    I don’t know why Denver keep signing Anthony Carter the guy can’t play they waive again this year but don’t keep resign let him go he can’t play.

  2. MixtapeKilla2004

    Denver need to keep Faried.

  3. MixtapeKilla2004

    No, he did not Bynum was killing him JaVale needs more work on his post game look if you can’t guard DeAndre Jordan in the preseason games what make you think you gonna guard Dwight Howard when the real games start.

  4. MixtapeKilla2004

    I wanna see them go far but they gotta beat OKC & The Lakers.

  5. MixtapeKilla2004

    Denver is nice!

  6. MixtapeKilla2004

    Gallo needs to work on his outside shot if it’s not there in the middle money that three point shot.

  7. MixtapeKilla2004

    Playing for Spain now.

  8. MixtapeKilla2004

    I wish we could get Melo back but his wife made the decision to tell Melo sign with New York and he did Denver did not get upset because they knew they just wish him luck.

  9. MixtapeKilla2004

    Just throwing that out there that’s all.

  10. theprodigyjapacan

    Uhhh how is that relevant to my comment?

  11. MixtapeKilla2004

    The things is that McGee didn’t get better in the offseason training because he don’t look like he got better if you can’t even guard DeAndre Jordan what make you think you can guard Howard on the Lakers.

  12. MixtapeKilla2004

    Rudy Fernandez was good on Denver but he went back to Spain maybe more money better living don’t know?

  13. MixtapeKilla2004

    I still wish the Nuggets had Nene he plays better then McGee.

  14. MixtapeKilla2004

    I wish Denver could trade Andre Miller you know now Harden is on the Rockets Denver has hope of getting him in the future better hope now on the Rockets.

  15. theprodigyjapacan

    So it’ll be Iggy

  16. theprodigyjapacan

    Rudy Fernandez: the only player who gives the crowd high fives after an insane play.

  17. Seandogg96

    Fernandez is gone


    I love the nuggets roster, good defenders good offensive players. their home advantage, one of the best coaches in the NBA. When the chemistry is good and they have some luck (u allways need some luck in a NBA season) they can make a deep playoff run and MAYBE even go to the finals i think

  19. macadona123

    fuck me, this + iggy… I’ve got to catch more nuggets games this year

  20. sptack

    Fernandez isnt on our team any more

  21. WifeyandtheFatMan

    Sorry, we definitely got the better end of this deal. 😀 but from one basketball fan to another good luck next year!

  22. bassanas

    And Iggy?

  23. xanxusky

    Fernandez and Gallo gonna lead us to the finals!

  24. Andre Nineria

    This is The Best Highlight reel out of all the teams..

  25. tranmanj

    Out of all the teams, this was prob the best highlight reel

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