Bulls vs. Bullets – 1997 NBA Playoffs (Game 3)

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25 Responses to “Bulls vs. Bullets – 1997 NBA Playoffs (Game 3)”

  1. Dreamewalker

    I don’t see how you got so many thumbs up because…I’m pretty sure all the “michael jordan fans” appreciate what Pip did. He’s almost becoming overrated with people glorifying him like you just did. You gotta remember…as much as Pip was responsible for Jordan’s 6 rings, Michael was even more responsible for Pippen’s eventual greatness as a ball player. I’m pretty sure most agree that Pip would not have become as good without MJ by his side.

  2. felix roll

    is funny how rodman trying to stop muresan hahaah today that would have been double technicall and maybe expulsion

  3. cyber6sapien

    Dude, you can’t truly be a Michael Jordan fan if you ain’t got mad love and appreciation for Pippen’s game.

  4. chale111111

    Bring back the bullets!!!

  5. stoud10

    2:09 – SWEET FLOATER!!!

  6. beautifullion69

    I love how Rodman goes over to where Pippen is and helps him to sit up after he had fallen HARD. It was endearing to see since I was just watching the Pistons/Bulls game where Dennis pushes Scottie over towards crowd. Nice to see them being teammates.

  7. MrHavok29

    There is no doubt that pip was PIMP. But we don’t need to diss mike to give pip props . We don’t need to diss pip to give mike props…they were the most COMPLETE 1-2 punch of all time…The could both handle, play smothering full-court d, get the block from the weak side, get the steals from the weak side, pass their asses off, post-up, spot-up…dizzying stuff. They were never truly out of games because of this…AND they were both CLUTCH. Defensive clutch for Pip…offense and d for mike.

  8. PlatformPiggy

    You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Pippen shot close to or OVER 50% for all of those great Chicago teams AND he also had a 2:1 assist to turnover ratio as the point forward. Scottie Pippen was a FANTASTIC offensive player. Educate yourself.

  9. rattlehead54321

    if you looked in the Bullets crowd it was mostly White businessmen

  10. Addison Zeno

    …The beginning of “Scottie Back”…………..

  11. araynova

    Yeah bro the toughest sweep I’ve ever seen. They definitely made the Bulls work for all three of those games.Very proud of this Bullets squad.

  12. SirStoneyOfBow

    Made me realize how brilliant a player Rodman was. Intelligent, crafty and cerebral – one of the great rebounders of all time.

  13. Jay Ortiz

    Tough Bullets team

  14. Jay Ortiz

    Always remember being 14 watching this game when Scottie got that dunk at the end.

  15. badboybob1074

    Is Jordan actually getting booed? When the hell does that ever happen?

  16. badboybob1074

    Is Jordan actually getting booed? When the hell does that ever happen?

  17. capricancer1000

    The Hornets in 98 put up a fight, they actually won a game.

  18. thahideous1

    Wow, never seen Phil come off the bench like that - 7:30

  19. davedropd1

    pippen took one for the team on that attempted dunk shot for sure…..could have been a bad injury……but curious as to why the ticker tape was falling in a loss for the bullets at home?

  20. chrisuncleahmad

    In the 6 title years, these Bullets were the only first-round opponent that put up a fight.

  21. angus1000001

    There should be more Muresan footage

  22. oneworldkingdom

    You can also see what makes MJ the greatest ever. 5 games scoring over 55pts. No other player in his era, or the era before has ever done that. Not even Wilt. This is what makes MJ the greatest. He was able to dominate not only in the regular season,…but also in the playoffs. He dominated in this way with and without Scottie.

  23. oneworldkingdom

    Pip was good but his scoring efficiency was horrible. He needed Jordan.  Pip never shot close to 50% his entire career. He was not a great offensive player by any stretch. He had good moments, but he needed a better player.

  24. brainiac101693

    This is true. I think Jordan couldn’t have won all those championships without Pippen though.

  25. judlek1

    yes pipen was an incredable player,but no one can deny that jordan was extremely good in every aspect of the game,passing,defending,stealing,shooting and making everything possible to win a game

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