Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat GAME 6 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 6.07.2012

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23 Responses to “Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat GAME 6 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 6.07.2012”

  1. RahEscobar

    who the hell’s arguing about a jumpshot? how about you read the whole conversation before you talk we’re talking about scoring smh

  2. iTzChrisAce

    are you idiots honestly aruging about lebron and jumpshots god i swear u have no lifes

  3. chowder125

    i never said Jordan was humble i was solely talking about Lebron being humble…and if u dont feel the same way thats fine!

  4. peanutzballin001

    mj and lebron are not humble…

  5. RahEscobar

    LeBron better than Jordan? don’t make me laugh, im not a big fan of his or anything but have you even seen a nightly Jordan game? he basically ran NBC and CBS they’d play almost a game every night on their channels featuring Jordan and his Bulls, they three-peated in the most tough years of basketball history and compared to now players weren’t getting calls every time they drove the ball in like now Basketball was a phyiscal game and Jordan dominated in it. LeBron is great but better? hell no

  6. RahEscobar

    and when was the last time LeBron consistently had to create a shot? when he was in cleveland scoring nearly 30 a game just like Pierce was at one time. Now he’s in Miami with scorers who he can distribute to thats why lately he gets praised for his passing game, because he can pass great and has nice shooters to pass to so him creating a better shot than Pierce in his ’02 – ’08 isn’t true bro

  7. RahEscobar

    wish i could agree but have you ever seen a celtics game before the “Big 3” and “Rondo” era? if you did you’d know Pierce was and is still a master of creating his shot, nothing against LeBron but c’mon Pierce in his prime was dangerous and he WAS better than LeBron IS now at creating his own shot, but like i said LeBron is better all other catergories except creating a shot. He is more of a distributor, a “knock-down” shooter and drive the ball to the hole type of player, not shot creator type

  8. robert montoya

    lebron creates a better shot for himself any day of the week.

  9. chowder125

    oh wow the irony, you spelled it wrong its “retarded”.

  10. julianpatrickr

    you retarted

  11. TheIsaacbailey29


  12. RahEscobar

    in his Pierce was unguardable man i remember he was like a poor man’s Kobe Bryant or even Lebron is now just not as quick but def as strong he guaranteed at least 25 a game before the “Rondo” & “Big 3” eras but now nah Lebrons better only thing Pierce has on him is 3’s, creating a shot & clutch factor but lately Lebron been looking great in the 4th regardless of whatever everyone says

  13. MilesTrane21

    The problem with this is the 98 game wasn’t Jordan’s greatest from a statistical standpoint. He was 35 at the time, Pippen disappeared in that game, and he came up big when he had to. Also, Lebron was playing against old KG, and old/injured Ray Allen and Paul Pierce. If you want statistically dominant games, Jordan had those, if you want clutch games, Jordan had those. What you can’t find is Jordan disappearing in big moments, something Lebron only recently overcame.

  14. 23ThePerfectionist23

    6 for 6. thats all the data needed you fucking idiot. dont ever try comparing them again

  15. KryptonDaVillain

    You cleary didn’t read the top comment then where I presented data that proves LeBron is greater. You were probably too enamored by Jordan’s “greatness” to notice that though. Now go back to your Jordan videos and worship him some more.

  16. 23ThePerfectionist23

    because you cant say shit by backing up with lebron references when trying to compare him to jordan. its ok though since you dont know basketball

  17. KryptonDaVillain

    Oh I just checked your page and I discovered you’re a Jordan fanboy. No need in me responding back thoughtfully since you’ll rebuke whatever I say like ALL Michael Jordan nutswingers.

  18. 23ThePerfectionist23

    haha wow “dosent even compare”? most idiotic statement ive ever heard….you should never watch basketball again

  19. geromino97

    i guess your right mj was litterly dying and still getting dominant numbers

  20. Malik Graves-Pryor

    That is a bit silly you know. The man was sick, throwing up, and needed intravenous feeds to rehydrate before and after the game.

    And a championship is a championship. Jordan was in the championship round against a team that had proven it could beat Chicago in a single game, at least. Going down 3-2 against a team like that could have meant the end of the Bulls dynasty.

    This was one of the great performances in NBA history for sure, but it doesn’t match the flu game.

  21. geromino97

    yea but lebron was under more pressure if jordan would of lost he would be ok but if lebron didn’t win the ring this year you dont want t know what would of happened to him

  22. geromino97

    yea some people that i knew who were soo called fans said the heat were going to lose i stayed faithful to my team i knew lebron was going to do something big but i didn’t think it would be that great of a performance

  23. jcblazing06

    i love this game because when the heat were down and one game from elimanation, everyone was cheering and happy to watch them lose. I would hear ” lets celebrate, pop open the beers” and then when they crushed, I was LMAO

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