Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat GAME 5 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA PLAYOFFS | 6.05.2012

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25 Responses to “Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat GAME 5 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA PLAYOFFS | 6.05.2012”

  1. VDL3GIT

    Soooooo true………………………..

  2. Kar7ooN

    what about in ot where pietrus flopped twice on lebron to get him kicked and lebron avaredges 2 or less fouls per game lol smh

  3. Tsz Ho Tsang

    watch game 2 or heat fans just don’t pretend to be celtics

  4. amitsouk

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  5. WitnessLeBronJames1

    Chris Bosh has always had a 3 point shot.

  6. iloveboobies98

    Ok, lets not be in a denial, I agree the officials did a very inconsistent job not only this series but all the playoffs. Bad calls were made for not only the heat but also the Celtics. The heat did win this series fairly I must add. I’m a die hard Celtics fan, but you can’t deny it. Lebron’s 40 point game and Bostons lack of ability to close at home was why they lost the series. That’s it.

  7. jimmy6700

    wtf is your problem?! all u do is go on heat videoes and bitch like a little girl ! GET A FUCKING LIFE !

  8. Kevin Wang

    this serie was great, but Heat doesnt deserve the win, the game 7 was just BS, I mean Chris Bosh made three three pointers, that was ridiculous, he is a normal PF, not like Dirk, since when Bosh Learns 3s, LMAO, man plus Ray Pierce and KG are all over age of 34, if they were all 30, they Celtics will destroy Heat totally!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. TheMJ234ever

    Best series of the 2012 NBA Playoffs! too bad refs made the Heat win

  10. Flaviated

    Aw man.. This has already been 4 months. I was watching this whole game in school during class, on my laptop with my friends gathered around me and it was so intense.. I cried when Paul Pierce hit that clutch 3 within the last minute. #18

  11. motivationalvideo0


    get ur dunkins gift asap


  12. youz1uglybish

    lol your wrong all your doing is spewing absolute nonsense and spreading your ignorance all over youtube like cheese on a cracker! i dont think anything of you as a matter of fact i can careless for you to be honest.i just find it hilarious how ass backwards your opinion of lebron or even the sport of basketball is in cant offend nor verbally assault me on youtube i can go into a rant of how utterly stupid,ignorant and retarded you are but im bigger than that have a good day dumb ass

  13. Jason Weller

    Why have you crawled back to my channel’s front door? Are you bored? Do you enjoy being verbally assaulted? I tell you what, if you will refrain from spewing your idiocy on my front door and I will refrain from pretending like I care what you think of me, Capisca? Bouna…

  14. youz1uglybish

    (cont) now with that being said you cant compare a finished product to one that is still in not saying that lebron is better than any of those guys it be ignorant for me to say that.just as it would be ignorant for you to say that lebron has no chance of matching or surpassing there greatness.lebron james has nothing but time on his hands he is on a team poised to win atleast 3 more chips when its all said and done im condifent lebron will be a top 10 all-time great..maybe even top 5

  15. youz1uglybish

    whoa simmer down buddy you might wanna take your panties out of a knot for a second! 1st of all i made it clear i said that lebron james is more TALENTED than magic,larry bird and kobe i didnt say he was better theres a huge difference! you can’t argue lebrons talent and im pretty sure if you asked all of them they’d probably tell you that lebron is probably the most talented player theyv’e ever seen! they understand the difference between TALENT and GREATNESS unlike your simple ass calm down!

  16. Jason Weller

    You piece of shit, you have no idea how long I have been watching the game, I bet its been longer that your ass been alive. Your bitch left his team in Cleveland to join another player’s team to finally win a ring. Also, you claiming that this failure is a better player than Magic, Bird and Kobe is proof positive you have NOT been watch the game longer than I have. Take your simple ass somewhere and sit the fuck down and STFU…

  17. youz1uglybish

    cheer leading for a player that HAD to get help to finally win a ring?? if you know anything about basketball you understand how utterly retarded that sounds! if you can name 1 player who won a chip all by himself i’d gladly bow out of this one but the fact of the matter is you cant because it never happend in the history of basketball! theres a possibility that lebron wont win as many rings as kobe,magic and bird but he is more TALENTED than any of those guys where and thats undebateable!

  18. SteazyZ

    oh yeah almost forgot…

  19. Thuggishdeer

    He wanted to reunite with rashard lewis and lose together like old times.

  20. SteazyZ

    All ray Allen wants is to win, got no respect for the team

  21. Jason Weller

    I wouldn’t have the bitch…

  22. HockeyG33

    You two argue like newlyweds

  23. Jason Weller

    Guess what, only your sad a** cares, I don’t and my favorite player has 5 soon to be 6, now what? Get the f*ck out of here, to respond to a commentary after 2 months is quite pathetic and probably not as pathetic as your life. Therefore, please try to fight the infantile temptation of responding, for it only take away the doubt from others that you are infact an a**hole of the highest order.

  24. Jason Weller

    I see u enjoy spewing garbage out of ur piehole in front of a computer monitor. The name calling I expected coming from a coward who cheerleads for a player who had to get help to finally win a ring & u really should consider letting go of his short hairs for 1 day. Some of u Lebron fans go overboard regarding a player who took almost 9 years to win a ring & he is a quitter. Lets see him get lucky & win a 2nd ring. He will NEVER reach Kobe, Magic, Jordan & Bird’s achievements & talent status.

  25. JimboSlice01

    LMAO!!!! ”soon” shut the fuck up dumb ass laker fan , your the one with no life saying lebron is a bust cause he has no rings?

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