Blake Griffin 30 points (3 dunks) vs Grizzlies full highlights (2012 NBA Playoffs GM4)

Video clip Score: 4 / five

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23 Responses to “Blake Griffin 30 points (3 dunks) vs Grizzlies full highlights (2012 NBA Playoffs GM4)”

  1. hoon0660

    He does need to learn midrange for better offense but he should learn screening also

  2. TheVeNtoN

    if you ask me i think he needs to keep working on his shot, move out to the three, work on some more passing skills, let him be a point foward and he’ll be getting LeBron/KD type numbers

  3. turksarejewsbutworse

    chris weeber can suck my dick hating on MUST SEE BG aka THE SHOW aka Earthquake Griff aka The Great Griff

  4. NyQuiiLx

    Yes he was hit in the face. His reaction after he was hit was a flop. He gets hit, looks fine, then cocks his head back and falls to the ground.

  5. clownshoe0

    He clearly got smacked in the face. Are you blind?

  6. GrimsCrusade

    Don’t bother on replying to blind people. Haddadi was put in for a purpose: he had 6 fouls to give. Its obvious on that angle, not so much on the first angle, but yeah it wasn’t a flop.

  7. OVUE93911

    Look at all those bandwagon Clipper fans.

  8. NyQuiiLx

    more like a breeze of air goes by his face and he pretends like he’s hurt.

  9. KawixZ

    improvement from Blake.much more in control.seeing the court much better.CP3 taught him how to play the game much better.They said all he could do is DUNK?look at those up and unders.Great footwork for a bigman,an underrated passer,great touch around the rim,so strong and this is just his second season playing in the to improve should be his shooting( free throws and midrange) and post moves(foortwork is sick).and continually learn the game from the veterans in his team right now.

  10. darnallt

    Are you kidding? At exactly 2:18 when the vid is frozen you can see Blake getting decked in the face. Keep hating, dumbass.

  11. clippersown

    Lol look at the grizzlies crying when they don’t get one call going their way. They got all the calls in the series, like 90% of them yet they still whine when they don’t get a call

  12. clippersown

    he gets swiped in the face and webber calls it a flop, gtfo webber go call a time out or something.

  13. thug8200

    he is an underrated passer

  14. blakegriffinforever


  15. 590ml

    1:32 Headshot

  16. Jecsennnahhh

    He got fouled.

  17. OnMy88Shit

    He lifted his pivot foot off the ground though -> travel

  18. 4TVBasketball

    He wants to be seen and heard? dude what are u talking about, thought about that he maybe wants to win? Btw do you actually watch full NBA games or only highliights? Just curious causeif u do then you should know about the gasol flops. talking of both of them…

  19. MyCockIsNotForYou

    Dawg Gasol flops and flails all the time too what are yu talking about? Alot of players flop but Blake is the scapegoat for some reason…Quit hating and overanalyzing and just watch the dam games

  20. dalmain77

    Blake and every other nba player flops in today’s nba. that’s what players do to get fouls called. Griffin is fouled constantly and he learned quickly how to embellish contact to get calls. Plus other players flop much more than him. This is just haters hating.

  21. Blaugrana92

    That just goes to show you the difference between a guy like Blake and a guy like Gasol. I certainly didn’t see Gasol covering his face like he had taken a falcon punch, when Blake elbowed the fuck out of him on that poster dunker. Point is; Gasol just wants to play basket. Blake also wants to be seen and heard. And don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate Griffin. He’s a great player, one of the best power forwards in the NBA right now. I’m just not digging his attitude.

  22. NyQuiiLx

    Ok i know your a Clips fan but don’t blind yourself to the fact that Blake,although he may have gotten hit, that he did flop. He’s gets hit,looks fine, then he falls and holds his face.

  23. D Wade

    IT’S A TRAVEL. He moved his pivot foot to jump.

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