Best NBA Basketball Bloopers Mix 2012 : NBA Funny Mixtape 2012 LOL

Online video Ranking: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Best NBA Basketball Bloopers Mix 2012 : NBA Funny Mixtape 2012 LOL”

  1. jonas daganio

    yeah right .,the video is great but the music is so seious

  2. elijah velasco


  3. EnixJeTi

    1:37 LOL

  4. EnixJeTi

    1:37 LOL

  5. Daniel Perez

    3:36 lol

  6. yoitsjoesmoe

    Best NBA Basketball Bloopers Mix 2012 : Ode to Javale

  7. MiamiHeatNation3

    This proves that the crowd is waaaay to close to the game.

  8. Sinister061897

    Whats the song called?

  9. chumsyalibumsy11

    lol correction: you cant remember the title to the only eminem song you know.

  10. MachineGunMouth

    its not that serious. not everyone is white, or a big eminem fan

  11. ITZxGxOVER


  12. amathcarter99

    Players in that videos are making mistakes .. That’s why Brian Scalabrine is not there

  13. YungBswaggin

    ugh he grabbed his leg

  14. spaceboyflys

    any new funny videos?

  15. spaceboyflys

    how does the music go with anything funny? lol
    but good video

  16. grattujao

    that’s ok, but it’s not the right song. Anyway great video! :)

  17. WizSukhy

    its 2012 and u dont know wat song is tht….plz kill me

  18. WizSukhy

    @0:55 o’neil kissed the photographer lolololol

  19. yaz76

    omg i lost it at @4:15 i cant stop laughing

  20. TheNBAZoneHD

    sorry guys but i liked that song so i put it in it.

  21. spect3r1

    you kiddin right???

  22. james magnusen

    R.I.P to all the fans that shaw squashed <3

  23. TBA1337

    Great video. But the music is a little to serious lol.

  24. Christian Milam

    they picked the wrong song for this

  25. KristianENielsen

    music is too serious 😛

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