Basketball Is Like a Game of Chess – New TNT 2009 NBA Playoffs Commercial

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25 Responses to “Basketball Is Like a Game of Chess – New TNT 2009 NBA Playoffs Commercial”

  1. rbansal512

    Wow awesome

  2. gum ss

    i wanna see Mcgee playing chess. he will lose after making first move.

  3. TheJordanDominguez

    Does anyone know where I can download the audio to this commercial?

  4. AWSMkidz


  5. Karlo Huzjak

    attack a white men in chess and then watch. then think what white men can do in basketball.
    if we’re going racist.

  6. mislimz

    counter-strike 1.6 it’s not just a game brings me here.

  7. Jh0nky

    so cool!

  8. PiNoY17GaNgStEr

    “this is a game of kings!” it looked so boss

  9. wondorcow

    FUCK A~!

  10. Me You

    1:45 but you should still know that the white side in basketball will always lose.

  11. WeLike23things

    Maybe it was the accent :p

  12. WeLike23things

    Go to NBA greatest commercial ever… thats the best nba trailer

  13. pbjballer24

    1:22 technical foul Johnson and Howard….lol

  14. MrEpicAzn

    Oh my god.. At .34 Dwight wanted to laugh so hard..

  15. AwesomeAngeles

    In the finals with OKC.
    Let’s see this time around…

  16. AwesomeAngeles

    HAHA!! Showing Paul at the same time! Pure genius!

  17. MrCooperpooper101

    they need to do this against next play off just a little different

  18. DerrickGenius

    Dwight Howard Wants To Smile

  19. akroma121

    “the piercing glare” ah i see what u did there

  20. Rick Ross

    That just made me wanna fire my 360 up and start playing some 2k.

  21. nbaiyewun1

    Best commercial ever. The peircing glare was sooo sick lop

  22. madv77

    0:17 The “Pierce”-ing glare.

  23. James Reed

    I miss Brandon Roy

  24. pavelstoyanov

    Best commercial ever!

  25. ZahirOfAGeisha

    2:09 Did the ninja turtles make this trailer?

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