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One of the most exciting weekends in the sport of basketball is their All Stars weekend. The weekend consists of three days of electrifying basketball competitions.

One of these events is known as the Rookie Challenge which was established almost 20 years ago. As the name indicates, this event features rookie players from the association. Two teams are formed representing each conference, Western and Eastern. All players are in their first year with the NBA.

When the Rookie Challenge finally airs in the middle of February, you can keep the excitement going during half time and during commercial breaks with online gaming. Online casinos offer some quick to play games such as basketball themed slot machines.

The Slam Dunk Slot is a five reeled machine that has a total of nine paylines – to try the game, click here! All of the symbols on the reels include basketball related images including sneakers, jerseys, players, cheerleaders and referees. A special double up option is offered at any time you win on the reels.

When this happens, a card will be shown face down. The player must predict as to whether the card of red or black. A correct guess results in their winnings being doubled.

As the Rookie Challenge approaches, a lot of action associated with it has been occurring in the betting world. Many bettors will place wagers as to which particular conference will win the event. However, this is not the only kind of wager that can be made on this upcoming event.

At the conclusion of the game, one player from the game will be awarded the Rookie Challenge MVP award. Bets are being made on this aspect of the challenge. Online sports betting sites will list the rookie players and the odds associated with that player winning the award. Of course, the players with the best chance will result in less total winnings compared to the players that have a decreased chance of winning the award.

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