All NBA’s Best Basketball Moves Ever!!

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24 Responses to “All NBA’s Best Basketball Moves Ever!!”


    3:21 is a nice juke but come on, you gotta finish that

  2. Marquis Fussell


  3. jphilyeesoml

    I like how everyone that did a nasty cross such as iverson and wade also got crossed in another clip

  4. yilin zhang

    Thumb me up if only you like the music

  5. Rosy Meridian

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  6. Anthony Leerberg

    I cant wait till b-ball practice lol

  7. miialin


  8. OPL21stJS

    “Michael.. get up on him” damn was Phil in for a shock.

  9. gerasimosR21

    iverson and jordan

  10. DaviD LuGi

    A.I at the end

  11. TheCeltics1120

    Micheal jordan isn’t the best all around basketball player he can’t play center best all around ball player magic johnson

  12. BriceBaaartman

    That’s Steve Francis and not Allen Iverson. It’s a travel, the refs often miss that call on those particular hop steps

  13. china whyinna

    /watch?v=CNm8ISzNALM&feature=plcp check out this impossible shoooooot

  14. TehBannHammer

    the song brings back childhood memories of NBA streetball

  15. Jordaris13

    Seriously, No jordan….

  16. KB12akaRose1

    ok thanks man but is he landing with both foot??

  17. Cody Ayers

    good video though

  18. Cody Ayers

    You can’t have an “All NBA Best Basketball Moves Ever” mix without one highlight of Michael Jordan. In fact, it wouldn’t really be legit unless at least half of the highlights were MJ.

  19. Charles Perreault

    it’s an hop step

  20. gcharp01

    I don’t now ??

  21. KB12akaRose1

    at 0:46 when iverson makes the crossover and then finishes ….. wasn t it a travel?? cuz he jumpt with his right foot and landed with his right foot and then make it a step with his left move..
    i know it s kinda weird but i want to make that move but i don t know if it is a travel

  22. Ant Lombardi

    Whats the instrumental ?

  23. Luka King

    i love allen iverson he his the best

  24. Luka King

    his the best

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