76ers vs. Celtics Game 6 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 5.23.2012

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24 Responses to “76ers vs. Celtics Game 6 HIGHLIGHTS | 2012 NBA Playoffs | 5.23.2012”

  1. NotBrianDawkins

    and Denver!

  2. kingofdarkness312

    its cool how there have been two AI’s in the 76ers

  3. HunkPedia

    The Celtics have been lucky to have Kevin Garnett! They’d be crazy not to keep him around for two more.

  4. yisonroot

    i don’t think CELTICS can beat HEATs…though that is not what i want!

  5. JPimpXVids

    thats in the sixers theme song… the only good part of it…

  6. nessagonz3

    @emceefocus better to move on then end your season early. Sixers were lucky derrick rose got injured…otherwise their season would of ended a long ass time ago.

  7. emceefocus


  8. 666StealingSociety

    Lol at least they’re playing the heat

  9. emceefocus

    next season, next season lol. better than moving on to get swept by the heat.

  10. Crazygrls24

    sixers lost hahahahahaha

  11. 666StealingSociety

    LOL!!!!!!!! Too bad they lost game 7 xD

  12. Clayjosh99

    @thegiftedmedia I wish they could now:(

  13. thegiftedmedia

    Come on Sixers, beat that green ass!

  14. helloworld274


  15. emceefocus

    LOL fuck outa here, sixers vs. heat

  16. DW1014

    Annoying ass Sixers loss like your suppose to, naw I’m a Celtic fan but it’s cool to see a Team that play as a team like the Sixers do but we gonna get in that ass in Game 7

  17. MarinaSilvaism

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  18. oO0randomzach0Oo

    Don’t slip C’s. This 76ers team is healthy. I’m confident this would’ve finally been the Hawks ECF year if we were healthy….because the Celtics looked so beatable in games 1 and 2. Y’all better not lose game 7 even with Bradley out, because that should US there (THE HAWKS). Espcially with that blown call at the end of game 6.

  19. roseisking123

    Celtics now 2-11 in closing games since 2005

  20. maximus0fficial


  21. MrSampsonchan

    HAHA, nice one

  22. TheNextBaller181

    GO SIXERS!!!!

  23. MisterXAirsoft

    These two teams are so equally matched at times it’s crazy, although Andre I. is a monster in the paint. GO SIXERS!

  24. JPimpXVids

    1,2,3,4,5, sixers 10,9,8, 76ers!!!

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