2012 NBA Playoffs -Thunder vs Spurs Game 1 Highlights 27.05.2012

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24 Responses to “2012 NBA Playoffs -Thunder vs Spurs Game 1 Highlights 27.05.2012”

  1. worldstoughestsob

    when i first read your comment i thought that you are a complete idiot but u might be right

  2. Ralph Rafael

    @ My close friend is 5’5 and 180 dunking it easily – freaking amazing I know! If you want to know how, I’m lying you say? Take a look – 50inchvertical[dot]com

  3. Teh Commenter

    Legend says KD is still looking for the ball from that fake.

  4. RoCKerCrunCH

    if rose only didn’t injured. i’m 100% sure bulls only can defeated the spurs and thunder at they’re own floor..
    and 2012 nba champions.

  5. worldstoughestsob

    Game 3:

  6. MrDarkWayne

    Thunder vs. Spurs Game 3 Highlights! 5/31/12

  7. Jessemendez1586

    Go Spurs

  8. 330iable

    3:33 SYKE!

  9. Drovedestroyer

    Oh shucks, now two games!

  10. worldstoughestsob

    Game 2:

  11. worldstoughestsob


  12. Francis Guañezo

    i dont think soo, wether who win in this series , miami will certainly have a hard time dealing with a western team, because they are so inconsistent

  13. Francis Guañezo

    yup the really are very fundamental!

  14. greenraider28

    y is everyone acting like the series is already over? its only game 1 and it was in san antonio!

  15. paopaoluga102

    hell yeah! that ain’t gonna happen with spurs!!! They are so consistent that they can’t lose 😀 haha lol xD

  16. Kim Uy

    the thing i really like in spurs is that they play the basics,.. no need for big air dunks alley oops dynamic screen pick and roll… all they do is basics… and well discipline players… i love this team even i am a heat fan 🙂 go heat hahaha

  17. azoss

    Ginobili is a beast!!!

  18. legostarwars gunship

    Mermorial day America all the way!

  19. worldstoughestsob

    Celtics vs Heat Game 1 Highlights:


  20. Adam Jones

    Gary Neal gets an infusion of ice water in the veins before every tipoff

  21. superGOphers1

    OKC 4-1

  22. biggiee840

    Has any team every swept the whole thing its looking good for the spurs

  23. Anthony Fernandez

    Spurs 4 okc 0

  24. 12poopie

    Spurs 4-2*

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