2012 NBA Playoffs: Manu vs Harden – Game 1 OKC vs Spurs

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24 Responses to “2012 NBA Playoffs: Manu vs Harden – Game 1 OKC vs Spurs”

  1. Marcello Hwang

    what about lebron? hes right handed but he loves to go left

  2. p00n3z

    Kobe, Wade, Manu, Johnson.

    No room for Harden :p. No seriously Ginobili may be older, but he’s still much better than Harden, maybe not athletically; but everything else he does.

  3. arieltz23

    and that’s exactly the reason they’re going right.. 🙂

  4. gerizzyYMcrew

    @Dario900ify No one choked u dumbass.

  5. MethoDSnipingClan

    Nope, the lebron foul on durant at the end of game 2 to which would have given durant 2 free throws to tie the game and eventually win in ot would have changed the series completely but nooo, bullshit win for the heat lead to 3 straight games in miami. 2-3-2 for the finals is stupid as fuck, and the refs were atrocious.

  6. Dario900ify

    The thunder is going all the way to the finals and will win it easy?? Harden choked, Westbrook choked, Durant choked, they all choked and OKC almost got swept.

    I thought they were going to win it easy?? Congratulations on looking like a complete dumbass.

  7. PerfectWorldz

    Going all the way? You mean all the way home? Im pretty sure Thunders lost to the Heats in 5 games..

  8. badboys7725

    Ok let see how far can OKC go in the finals

  9. MethoDSnipingClan

    hahaha “coach nick” fucking goon. you dont know b-ball, you cant break down shit. dont talk shit about westbrook because he and his team go to the NBA finals, and will win it easy. you were always wrong, im surprised i have not seen any trash talk comments on this video towards you yet. so thats why im posting this. you need to read this and put some sense in your head about rethinking how important he is to this team. lol thunder are going all the way, serves you right faggot.

  10. vivilakers

    lol i laugh at this comment now

  11. Kalle Karim

    coach nick?

  12. iverice

    coach it’s time for you to have a haircut 🙂

  13. DMVLeGenD96

    But they’re both left-handed.

  14. badboys7725

    Coach can you predict what game Spurs close the series?

  15. SleepingAtTheMovies

    Yep, they need to make a run at a rondo/CP3/rubio type player. Durant + pass-first point guard would be epic.

  16. GamerAntman

    lmao wtf don’t blame Westbrook for their losses its the Spurs defense

  17. SeanYves09

    OKC has the potential to win, russell westbrook can make up for his lack of point guard skills with explosiveness but… he is not being explosive enough

  18. thomas lewis

    coach is sportin the elvis cut!!!

  19. TheNotoriousEze

    need moar videos

  20. durtyPancakes

    Dat haircut.

  21. sparccz

    This guy is gonna make a 5 minute video of just MANU vs HARDEN but a minute video for the celtics

  22. englishman56

    Westbrook like a angry bull in a China city ,driving right into the set spurs defense

  23. youngrizzle2003

    OKC is having real trouble when SA has 2 guys in the corner.then they have the 2 bigs come up and set a screen for Parker….1 big rolls and 1 big pops.Okc has to figure out a way to stop this….I think Perkins is a liability in this series

  24. XakerArt

    miami is to win

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