2010 NBA Finals Game 7 Lakers vs Celtics (06.17.2010) – True Game Recap

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23 Responses to “2010 NBA Finals Game 7 Lakers vs Celtics (06.17.2010) – True Game Recap”

  1. RSjoexx23

    im a heat fan but i would love to see the best player in the league win his 6th ring i love lebron but kobe is the best i have to admit he deserves to win because he does work hard and now hes facing aging i love you Miami but good luck lakers

  2. BlazenAzn420


  3. 20yrsofgreatness

    Pau Deserved MVP of the series, no question.

  4. weremomma

    I’m a big lakers fan but I’m still skeptical that we will win. We have a much better shot than last year but I’m not too confident in Mike Brown. We need Phil Jackson back.

  5. immad120

    so,its just stats…

  6. DizZYSn1P3

    3:12 artest is a queen

  7. KesserCFC4eva

    What is the name of the guy talking?

  8. coolylame

    well i think it is but all will come down when the team actually plays…cause you never know, the bobcats might win even though the chance of that is very slim…

  9. XxDiSTRiX

    yea i would take em over Westbrook too but still Nash wont be able to play 40 minutes a game and Steve Blake just really isn’t that good Kobe is still a top player in the league but u never know what ur going to get out of him the lockdown defender thats going to get his teammates involved or the one when he takes games off on defense and jacks shots all game Dwight will work out cause he doesn’t need the ball to be effective a but still the bench is shit this is not a Championship team sorry

  10. coolylame

    well even if nash is old he is still one of the best Point guards. I would pick him over Russell Westbrook jsut because he can make the best passes. And kobe bryant…yes old but can still beat every other player other than durant and lebron. But kobe is the better shooter.
    Don’t forget MWP, if you have seen him in the pre-season he was a excellent defender.
    And besides Mike brown won’t be that stupid to let each player control the game by themselves, he will work something out.

  11. XxDiSTRiX

    LA is going to have a very old PG a ball hog and old SG and two good big men a bullshit bench other then Antawn Jamison who is also old this team as no experience playing together Nash will do fine if Kobe will let him handle the ball and if he shoot the ball much less lol this team is completely overrated and no way are they going to beat the OKC in the playoffs and if they somehow beat them theres no fucking way there going to beat Miami

  12. coolylame

    lol who’s for you to say

  13. MrBadass626

    NRG is stupid it took him 9 years.

  14. Bigbutler85

    we gone win this year

  15. jesvasq1

    kobe can get the sixth title but will never be the same, cuz micheal won 10th scorer leader and kobe only 2…..

  16. mikko hatton

    ‘ congratulation ta all lakers player and also they’re coach…

  17. CaptainOfTheKewlKidz

    For that reason alone all the other teams should just let the Lakers win haha

  18. Luke Wolfe

    Just like how kobe saved gasol’s ass many times. its teamwork 🙂

  19. BRBallin1

    Turn the annotations off! It’s the red quote bubble in the bottom right corner.

  20. XxDiSTRiX

    To bad that wont happen

  21. NRG2220

    lol, did you forget about OKC??? i mean yeah the Heat did win last year but you have to take into consideration D.Wade is getting up there in age (one injury can change everything) i dont see the Heat going back 2 back this year. its either going to be OKC or Lakers going for the championship. why?? well OKC has a lot of young players who are hungry because they got 2nd place last year, and well the Lakers have Nash, Howard Kobe ect. and fyi, it Took James 10 years to get 1 ring, LMFAO!!!!

  22. therock2infinity

    shut up bitch

  23. therock2infinity

    shut up bitch

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