2000 NBA Playoffs: Blazers at Lakers, Gm 7 -part 2/12

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25 Responses to “2000 NBA Playoffs: Blazers at Lakers, Gm 7 -part 2/12”

  1. PoosNweez

    Thanks for uploading

  2. alec9tap

    I think calling him that was a compliment bc Pip was a jack of all trades, he never was that dominant scorer or dominant in any one area except defense but he was good at everything,hence the greatest role player of all-time,a utility man and bc of that he was dominant haha

  3. jhovaj

    I argree Scottie was a good defender, but there been times where he just didn’t show up in clutch games. He was always a little soft to me.

  4. anhiirr

    oh yeah role player definitely means bench/non super star, like the role of scorer, rebounder, facilitator, and leader…which is what was used to describe Pippen in this video. Hes a great role player because he can be more than one, not be cause he is a sub par player to misinterpret this must mean that you have a disability at the least of hearing. Bill Walton the hall of famer an idiot, if this was an opinion to the retard proclamator your opinion differed from Bill, a common retard mistake

  5. wafrhest

    lol at the superman music when shaq made both free throws

  6. workh4rd

    They were getting too old? I think the 3 of them will get in the finals for sure for at least 2 more years and probably another ring too. too bad they all went to different teams or are retired after 98. Thanks for the reply!

  7. mjprimetime23

    pippen is the greatest role player of all time ??? ya fuckin right hes a damn all star. bill walton is a idiot. how can u call a hall of famer player like scottie a role player ?!?

  8. TheRatedIX7

    Well I do know that the owner and GM felt they were gettin too old. They didn’t want to resign Rodman, they traded Scottie Pippen for some dude who was out of the league less than six months after that trade. Jordan went and retired for the 2nd time.

  9. workh4rd

    I just never get it why can’t Pippen, Jordan, and Rodman sign a new contract together on the same team after 98. I lost interest in NBA since 1998, but always hoped that the 3 would be signed on the same team again.

  10. xXheartsbzXx

    Bill Walton is a tard. “Scottie Pippen….maybe the greatest role player of all time.” What a retarded statement to make. That overgrown piece of shit must have down syndrome.

  11. revengeofbutthead

    wow rare scene of kobe airball 

  12. hakola95

    I’m glad to see someone say that. The only people who try to call Pippen a “role player” are deluded Jordan-worshipers who want to make Jordan look like some deity. Jordan needed help to win a title, just like every other superstar.

    Pippen is one of the top 30–maybe top 25–players ever. He was perhaps the greatest all-around defensive player ever. And anyone who tries to call him a “role player” needs to check his stats in 1993-94 and 1994-95 when Jordan wasn’t there.

  13. myPAINisSELFchosen85

    thats pretty dumb magic was clearly the leader over kareem even though kareem was the better player. the even marketed that way with magic vs whoever the other team star is(bird) everyone who knows a single thing about basketball knows magic was most certainly the leader of showtime aka lakers in the 80’s

  14. nicotoscani1984


  15. alique087

    Well before you said he was a role player. Now you’re calling him the best player?

  16. RyZombie619

    well MOST of the time, it is. and in this case, Pippen is the best player, but not a leader. he didnt lead this blazer team to victory, if anyone would get that honor it would have been Wallace.

  17. alique087

    The leader or best player on the team isn’t necessarily the leading scorer.

  18. Tobi29493

    Pippen was one of the best to ever play the game, if you shitheads call him a roleplayer because he was nr. 2 alongside MJ, then he´s in a pretty god company:

    Magic Johnson (next to Kareem)
    Bob Cousy (next to Bill Russell)
    John Havlicek
    Kobe Bryant (next to Shaq)

    Pippen was a true superstar, by his game, his statements and his leadership. You don´t need to score the toughest baskets or lead your team in scoring. Does anybody question the leadership of Jason Kidd or Steve Nash?

  19. RyZombie619

    i agree, pippen was a role player. its pretty clear that he was. still one of the best NBA players of all time but not the kind of player kobe, magic, bird, mj were, i agree

  20. RyZombie619

    I agree, Pippen was a role player. It shows in this series, he never lead this team, Wallace was the one scoring the buckets.

  21. 2000VinceCarter


  22. blacktopaz8

    Not! Pippen didn’t win shit without Jordan. Pippen WAS a ROLE PLAYER! One of the greatest role players to ever play. He’s not a superstar like Jordan. He disappeared sometimes when the main guy is supposed to step up. And his skill set was never dominant really.  Not like a Kobe or a Magic or a Bird or a Lauren Jackson. Yeah, I put a WNBA player in. So what?

  23. kida2k313

    nice airball Kobe!

  24. nishanth01

    Ouchhh video ends with a Kobe airball

  25. sattaravy

    I dunno why so many people hated this Portland team… yes they did have a few hot heads and trouble-makers… but look at the talent: Pippen, Stoudamire, Smith, Wallace, Sabonis, wells, Ryder…. they did have talent aplenty in the team

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