1997 NBA FInals Game 6: The No Call That Changed The History of the NBA

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24 Responses to “1997 NBA FInals Game 6: The No Call That Changed The History of the NBA”

  1. Cooley96

    Fucking thank you. No one wants to hear this bastard ramble on and on.

  2. FanOfTheDoraemons

    I liked the other parts.

  3. ljietuvis

    That was aksi a no-call that changed the history of basketball 🙂

  4. Zangboy56

    Coach Nick I couldn’t catch what you were saying about the player who died. 

  5. Sergio Garcia

    Kobe? What does he have to do with this?

  6. Maschil

    or webbers moving screen in game 5?

  7. jakekungsful

    It’s a b-ball breakdown channel.

  8. xw668

    fuck that game was sooooo amazing

  9. saints431

    that series was fixed

  10. SamaraVidZ

    9:27 is what you guys came here for, not sure why there is a 10 minute long video to show one missed call…

  11. smsaephan

    this was when the nba was good. when the players weren’t overpaid. where players actually played instead of just playing during their contract year.

  12. travisitio

    No Mike Bibby fouled Kobe with his face.

  13. Brock Mak

    You should start by checking out Sport Science’s breakdown on that offense. Basically, it keeps everyone about one pass away from the shot.

  14. JMasterXP

    tis a motion,not a set

  15. yojoeflow

    what is the infamous Phil Jackson triangle offense set?

  16. farhanking7861

    @ljietuvis That shit was a flagorant and that game was rigged like fuk

  17. erilee84

    except they are down by 4 and you cannot score 4 points in a single basket. Unless the Bulls of all people are dumb enough to make a foul (LOL) on a 3 point attempt.

  18. rb72312

    can we have a ball breakdown of the last few minutes of miami boston game 2

  19. cyb3rsaurus

    also look up ‘Why You Should Never Celebrate Too Soon’ on youtube.

  20. cyb3rsaurus

    derek fisher (of all people) made a gamewinner with 0.4s a few years ago. Anything is possible.

  21. TheNodoubtuhhuh

    always great videos Coach! thanks!!!

  22. Rayn Man

    Coach Nick do you ever think there will be another offence like Run TMC in the league again?

  23. Nuhjeea


  24. onemogain23

    I couldn’t see clearly did Anderson try to do a open reverse lay up?

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