[10.31.12] Damian Lillard – 23 points (11 assists) vs Lakers (NBA Debut) (Full Highlights)

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24 Responses to “[10.31.12] Damian Lillard – 23 points (11 assists) vs Lakers (NBA Debut) (Full Highlights)”

  1. Christian Benson

    fav rookie

  2. golden ace

    hes like Tony Parker but with range .. All Star??

  3. GeomighTNYC

    im all knicks but this kids got some good game , kinda like john wall meets derrick rose style

  4. metrodom462

    He is going to be a great player he is just like d rose

  5. Bruce Wayne

    Smooth, very smooth. Am I looking at the future roy?

  6. Pat Bateman

    admitting that you’re a Blazers fan negates any comparision that you’re gonna make about your team’s starting point guard with two of the five best pg’s in the L. Dude’s played what, one week in the league. Yeah, it was impressive. So was Rose’s first postseason series against the Celtics. Also, his MVP award is mentionable. And I think Westbrook did an okay job running the point in route to the Finals last year.

  7. BlakeGriffinChannel

    3:32 “U saw Steve Blake trying to get into you” LOL

  8. RoM271290

    he s like westbrook with better shot selection and court vision. sounds scary- and it is.

    something like a more outside than inside d rose.

  9. jared1barlow

    Oh I didn’t even mention his shooting >>> Westbrook DRose haha

  10. jared1barlow

    I am a Blazer fan & from what I have seen he can run the point better than DRose and Westbrook maybe he doesn’t throw down and drive into the paint out of control like them but from what I have seen he is much better than both of them watch out guys he is stealing your thunder!

  11. bulujordan


  12. KiSnKiMSports

    he is not as fast as D. Rose but his mid/long range game is ridiculous. He doesnt have to drive to the basket, with that kind of precision on his shot. D.Rose’s shooting is a work in progress but Lillard already has it.


    Trailblazer commentators are real bias.lol

  14. pearlmax

    He looks nothing like that smug POS Westcrook.

  15. BMamba31

    2012-2013 ROY

  16. MatthewNi

    lamarcus = okur ?!

  17. Patrick Mercado

    D. Rose of the West…

  18. wotcherone

    basically chauncey billups.

  19. Fatfuck503

    reminds me of D Rose

  20. Fatfuck503

    Davis is over hyped anyway.

  21. cp3isBetterThanDrose

    I was expecting him to have a rookie season of like 12 ppg and like 4 apg, dang he is beasting it up!

  22. Talen Ted

    upload kyle lowry’s 28 points vs nets please!

  23. GE1GER

    I like his game

  24. lebronjames675

    He looks like Russel Westbrook and he is also wearing #0

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